Five Minute Friday – Race

Today the bedtime race was jazzed up. It was me, the child, and his two cousins.

The conflicting schedules would have meshed perfectly except for an earlier bedtime sooner tired baby.
They contended.

To the tune of “quiet feet, quiet feet”, “brush your teeth”, be really really quiet pleae” and “I’ll be out in ten more minutes” the race was run.

The babe slept quickly.


The cousins crept skillfully.


Each of us came to the quiet resting point of bedtime.

In bed.

With a book.

On the couch.

Pretzels and yogurt.

Quiet writing moment spent panting breath after the racing task of mothering littles.

Each in their own bed.

Three asleep and one happy resting couch-person.




Writing today with a burst of fresh difference and linking up with Lisa Jo for Five Minute Friday! Join us at her place for the free writing fun!

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