Day 21: successful day of refreshing my life.

I am ridiculously tired today.

Sometime between getting back from our trip on thursday and this afternoon, Ranger decided he’d rather not take naps (unless maybe if we work really hard to make him) and he’s stuck on Georgia time. Meaning he wakes up at 6 AM and by the time his normal bedtime rolls around we’ve missed the prime moment to make him sleep.

So yeah.

I’m tired for a reason.

That and my husband has the coughing illness (black lung, I guess) so we’re all up at all hours with coughing and the baby.

So we’re both tired.

Anyways. Enough whining.

Today was alright on the accomplishing side of things. It is amazing how much one can do when the sneaky internet isn’t blocking up all your time!

– Ranger and I planted bulbs…

Well…only sort of together.

He got to stick his hand in the dirt once though :)


– I was inspired by the crockpot and cheap chicken at the store to make lunch for tomorrow of crockpot bbq chicken for sandwiches. I also thought of possible dinner for tomorrow (crockpot chicken cacciatore), but we’ll have to see if that actually comes about.
– worked on sewing the second curtain for my entryway. I had time to cut it out and sew a few seams. One thing I love about working with old sheets is how easy they are to tear instead of cutting. Another thing that is quite handy for this project is the casing at the top edge of the flat sheet that is so easy to turn into the curtain rod casing.
– read quite a bit. I’m working on a book called The Blue Sweater about an American woman in Rwanda.
– ran two miles.
– played blocks with Ranger…I need to actually play with him more.
– and went on a lovely date with Israel. We had free movie tickets to a dinner and a movie place from a race we ran recently so all we had to pay for was our food. It’s kind of an awesome deal for parents with small kids who only have a few hours of freedom and would otherwise only have time for either dinner or a movie. (And I love having my family close enough so we can leave Ranger with them for a few hours every couple weeks.)
– and my dad gifted me some decorative gourds he grew just like ones I thought abut buying at the grocery store on Friday! So fun! :)

20121021-224826.jpg score! :)




(This is a part of 31 days to Focus and Refresh a blog series my mom, sister and I are hosting as we spend 31 minutes a day improving our hearts, homes, and habits in the month of October.We would love your company!)

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