23: the day in pictures

I added a couple more things to my entryway.

We went for a run in the cold and wet… Ranger was happy. I need to wear gloves next time. The car said it was 39 degrees.


Then we went to the grocery store in search of Campbell’s soup and vitamin C. Tis the season.

Ranger got canned carrots and peas.

So far he likes them.

I guess that means food preferences aren’t genetic since neither of his parents like peas.

I managed another row on Israel’s blanket.

It’s starting to actually seem like a blanket. I’m trying to decide if I want the stripes to go the length of the long side or the short side of the blanket….and if I need to buy more yarn. I have two more skeins and don’t remember how many I started with. I think maybe 5?

I painted my nails…the polish looked orange in the bottle, looks pink on my fingers, and who knows what color in this picture :) and I decided that they should really have a stencil you can put over your entire nail so people don’t know immediately that you fail at painting your nails. Next time I’m making my husband paint them for me….since he had the audacity to laugh at my attempt. Lol. :)

I framed a picture my mom printed off of Ranger and put it on the mantle. It turns out your house feels homier when you have a picture of your child on the mantle (even if it is right beside a huge print of random runners). :) I am hoping to get more pictures of us in our house soon! It’s such a nice touch.



(This is a part of 31 days to Focus and Refresh a blog series my mom, sister and I are hosting as we spend 31 minutes a day improving our hearts, homes, and habits in the month of October.We would love your company!)

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