25: The Daily Notes


The Cauliflower Soup had a fantastic reception to the household today. It presented itself by means of a head of cauliflower and sundry other ingredients. The illustrious chef used this recipe from the Pioneer Woman as a guideline. Taking into account the PW’s pendant for cream and her own lack of ingredients,she opted to make a few amendments to the recipe. First and foremost the recipe was trimmed down for the number of expected guests (3) and the necessary substitutions submitted for review by the jury. The jury, from his view on the floor, agreed the substitutions would be satisfactory. Therefore Greek Yogurt was used in place of sour cream and cream cheese combined with a little extra milk became the replacement for half and half. Celery lost its place in the recipe completely due to failure to comply with the rules (particularly the one stating all ingredients should reside on hand or in the fridge if they desire to be employed). Other than that recipe was followed to a ‘T’, give or take a ‘t’, and the results were quite satisfactory.


During the cook’s fascination with cauliflower in the kitchen the smallest inmate made known the fact that he is completely able to move about the entire house in order to follow his mother. He has given evidence that he is able to move from the living room to anywhere else in the house excluding the laundry room. His explorations in the kitchen gave him full access to the cats’ food and water. This pleased him until the watcher of children found out his misdeeds and removed temptation to the entryway. He was unfazed and proceeded to the entryway to continue in his antics. The mother was forced to build and maintain various insurmountable blockades for the child’s own safety.
So far these embankments have held, but they are only a very temporary solution.



Another unique mode of distraction for the unprecedented increased mobility of the small one proved to be pots and bubbles on the floor. These items provided momentary amusement just long enough for the ever present adult to take a few non-satisfactory pictures before more rapid motion ensued.





Other forms of placation of the small one were food and being held in the carrier while the mother cooked. The mother in turn placated her aching back with a movie. She chose to watch “Take Me Home” for the third time in the last 5.7 months. She was yet again impressed by the hilarity and loveliness that is a clean and beautifully done movie. (The husband-wife team as the stars of the show is just perfect!)


The afternoon nap bliss found the mother sorting pictures in hopes of putting together a printable collection for the family’s further enjoyment and the wall’s desire for loveliness. A collection was summarily achieved and will be submitted to the Printer of Pictures for approval and submission to the appropriate photo printing website.

She also pulled together pictures and video from her adventures in Chile and began a lovely project of compiling the mass into something more viewable. The exact nature of this video is yet to be announced. Stay tuned.


The conclusion of yesterday and the consumption of ice cream brought on a revelation in the marriage of this couple: women buy different ice cream than men do. Somehow the marketing perfectionists have figured out a way to make low fat ice cream appealing even to women who don’t read the packaging.
In an attempt to buy the husband approved brand and flavor of ice cream, the wife came away with a half fat, wrong brand version. This surprised her as she did not notice the difference until the husband made his revelation. Flavor was tested and found to be distressingly lacking in half the fat.
The wife hereby will either surrender ice cream buying duties to the husband or buy the package that seems the least appealing to her feminine nature and see what happens. However, for future reference, the correct brand is Breyer’s not Dreyer’s. Who would have known?


In summation:

The day was mostly ordinary.

The weather gloomy with a touch of sun.

Moods bright, if tired.

Nothing to report.

Thanks to our guests and loyal readers.



(This is a part of 31 days to Focus and Refresh a blog series my mom, sister and I are hosting as we spend 31 minutes a day improving our hearts, homes, and habits in the month of October.We would love your company!)

4 thoughts on “25: The Daily Notes

  1. I wish I had checked in earlier in the month, love the 31 days posts. The soup looks and sounds amazing. How fun to be doing a project with your mom and sister. Thanks for sharing.


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