Voice {Five Minute Friday}


It’s a thing that writers have.

This certain way of telling a story that lets you know it’s them and not someone else.

It’s like the King James Bible full of thee’s and thou’s.



A voice.

Everyone has one.

The way of speaking that comes most naturally is in your own voice.

I don’t have to pretend or use all vowels.

My speaking is my own.

My story is my own.

The voice I use to tell my story is my own.

Everyone has one.

a voice, a story.

The motivation to tell the story is your own and makes you a writer.

Your voice tells your story.

Be it true or make believe.

How you tell your story speaks volumes on who you are.


How will you tell your story? It’s simply a moment of speaking with words, freedom, and a touch of you. Today I’m linking up with Lisa Jo for Five Minute Friday!

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