29: the fluffy softness!

Can you pick out the lovely improvement we just made! I’ll give you a hint. Count the machines in this picture.

Yes! It’s true! Israel got us a dryer! After a year and a half of hanging the clothes in the laundry room to dry and 7 months of cloth baby diapers and clothes the improvement is a little hard to imagine.

I’ll probably be able to sit on my duff all day and eat bonbons. What an invention. Lol ;)

It is a lovely thing :)

Other than that, I cleaned the whole house for the rental agency to check our faucets and such, went to my book study, and had a lovely chat/visit with my aunt and her youngest two kiddos.

It was a very visiting day and Ranger got to play with lots of babies.


(This is a part of 31 days to Focus and Refresh a blog series my mom, sister and I are hosting as we spend 31 minutes a day improving our hearts, homes, and habits in the month of October.)

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