31 Days to Focus and Refresh: Season Finale New Habits

A few days ago I mentioned to my husband that in a few days I would be able to get on Facebook again and I was excited. He was less than thrilled. In fact, he was not even pleased.

It shows what a horribly irresponsible user of social media I was. *shameface*

Really when I mentioned that I was excited it was more excitement for the freedom to do what I wanted to than for Facebook. I’ve found I’m pretty ambivalent about Facebook, but I love to read people’s blogs. So the month of no google reader is actually what bothered me the most. I have felt so behind on some of the lives my favorite bloggers. In the middle of the month I even gave in to the need and caught up on a few of the blogs I’d been missing the most.

My excuse? Reading blogs is perfect for when you don’t have enough energy for your own blog, when you don’t have energy to read a book, when you’re tied down feeding (or acting as a bed for) your child, or when you want to read just a little bit of someone else’s creativeness/writing style.

But I would say that is not enough of an excuse to religiously read 1000+ posts a month and skim a few hundred more.

Which brings me to my plans for continued success.

Social media limits!

  • I’m going to cut back the blog posts I read by about half and give myself permission to skim (or even skip!) more of the only semi-interesting posts.
  • I will be checking facebook about once a week instead of every moment of every day. (Israel sounded more enthusiastic about this plan. It turns out he likes having more time without my face on a screen and the more reliable appearances of nice meals.)
  • I’m going to try and just go with the flow with my pinteresting habits. I’ll just try and limit myself to pinning useful things I’ve already found or to reference my boards for accomplishing things.

Additional goals:

  • 31 minute projects!
    I have really enjoyed my 31 minute projects! It’s so nice to actually get fun/useful things done instead of leaving them on my to-do list for eons. It is much more productive that way!The only bad thing: I have more ideas projects left than what I started the month with! Some of what I still have in mind to finish a blanket, read more books, make more curtains, sew some pillows, homeify the house and clean the couches.

    I’m just going to try to keep those going. at least once or twice a week would be great!

  • write more!
    I have really enjoyed posting everyday and would like to continue posting almost as frequently. It forces me to share more of what I care about and hide a little less behind pictures of my child (though I certainly did plenty of that). It has also been interesting to find out a bit more of what my writing voice is like as I’ve gotten more used to just writing.I would like to write everyday even if I don’t post a blog everyday.

    I might experiment with fiction, write in Spanish, or do some research based writing.

  • Cook more!
    I’d love to try a new recipe once or twice a week. I might even share the results and recipes if they turn out really well!
  • 100 days
    If you haven’t noticed already, Ann Voskamp inspires me. She’s one of the people I would say I want to be like. Her hundred day calendar is a brilliantly simple, yet challenging (100 days is a long time!) way to learn new things, make better habits or to get fit. Read her postto be inspired, print the calendar and join me in your own new habits!I want to build better habits of quiet time (something I completely fuzzled out on this month), thankfulness and learning. I’ll share more about those as time goes by. My one hundred days starts tomorrow and ends February 8th, 2013.


My favorite posts because of lessons learned or things accomplished:


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