habits, no auto save feature, and thrifting

The lad is finally asleep. He clucked and squawked and shrieked so much that I gave up for a while and read while he calmed down playing in his crib.

It’s one of those lessons in baby I wonder if I’ll ever figure out. Or he’ll ever figure out. Who’s responsible for making the baby sleep anyways?

He’s woken up at 6 or a little before the last few days. I’ve been on decaf coffee to help myself stay alive.

So far so good.

Still alive.

This evening of writing seems like such a natural thing to do now.

A month of putting done words almost every evening makes a habit, I guess. And it gets easier to do. Instead of the constant niggling thought of ‘should’ or ‘really must’ blog, all the day is filled with thinking on it.

Watching for the words and moments to share.

It’s a habit of writing that just snuck up on me during this month of recalibration and relighting my life.

It’s nice. I daresay I like it.

Yesterday I wrote the nicest post for five minute friday. I was quite proud of it. But I guess the saying is true and pride does come before a fall. As soon as I was putting in the final touches and being so happy with my five minutes of perfection, my wordpress app crashed and revealed to me that an ‘automatic save’ function is not in its vocabulary, much less programming.

it hit the ‘Humble thyself!’ button instead.

Thank you, thank you. Really now, couldn’t I have been brilliant?

Aw well.


Earlier today Ranger and I went thrifting. I’ve never really gone to a thrift store by myself looking for something specific. We were out to find a baby gate, in particular, and maybemaybe a pair of boots for me.

Our afternoon was well spent.

The first stop revealed the baby gate; the second, a shirt for Ranger and boots for me. The third place was admittedly not a thrift store. But I found some Nike running gloves at Ross so my stroller pushing hands don’t freeze! I spent less than 15 dollars.


My boots were a deal. They didn’t have a tag so I was expecting to pay around $8 and wasn’t sure if I’d get them. So when the lovely lady at the cash register asked for $3.50 I had no second thoughts. I’ll want to invest in a different pair with less heel and more styling options, but they will work for now and I can’t wait to try them with a skirt! They’re not quite right for wearing with skinnies but they dress up my usual bootcut and T perfectly.

(Do you know how hard it is to take pictures of your shoes while wearing them using an iPad camera??)

It turns out thrifting is fun when you have something specific in mind. Otherwise it can just be overwhelming sorting through yards of someone else’s old clothes that, as it turns out, you don’t need either.


Three more comments for your amusement:

  1. The focus is still good – I opened google reader and began my usual distraction of reading/wasting time online only to realize half a blog post later that is not what I wanted to do. I just wanted to read my book. So I closed shut down the screen and started turning pages instead.
  2. If I’m going to wake up at 6 every morning I’m putting chocolate chips in my granola. So there. My rebellin against my self-imposed tendencies towards healthy eating.
  3. I am reading this book right now. Seriously great and funny. I don’t want to put it down.

Any thrifters out there? When’s the best time to go? And where?

Today I went around 3:30. I only went to non-chain thrift stores thinking they might have fewer visitors and better selection.

What is everyone reading these days?

Your space.

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