No cry sleep situation: episode 4.

Not too long ago day 50 of our sleep plan came and went.

The developments were not lovely.

Nor did I record them with any accuracy.

Our trip to the south took a vicious toll on our baby sleep dreams.

We have been home more than 2 weeks and he still has not returned to his former sleep patterns.

While we were in the south he slept great. It seems it’s easier to gain a couple hours than it is to lose them.

His recent pattern of sleep has included decent (sometimes) naps, late bedtimes, and early mornings. 6AM greets us with such joy in its morning darkness and 8:30PM finds us singing, bouncing and cajoling those little eyes to close with more energy than we thought we had.

Yes. It’s interesting.

And then we throw daylight savings into the mix.

Ah the joy.

It’s getting somewhat better.

Maybe he’ll be adjusted by the time we fly back to Georgia for Christmas.

And then we can start it all again.

Anyway. For posterity’s sake I will share the best most recent night to my best recollection.

Asleep at 9 PM. Up at 6:00AM. 4 awakenings. Longest sleep spell 3 and a half …ish… hours. We probaby struggled for almost two hours before he finally fell asleep.

I’m hoping for a 7-7 baby soon. Maybe waking up twice. We’ll see. I’ll have to get more on top of his patterns/habits/naptimes.


The good news is he’s still cute. :)

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