Five Minute Friday on Sunday…. Quiet


There has been a quiet in my brain recently.

A lack of going back and forth with words I want to say.

A dearth of noise, distraction and wondering.

I read, I think, I make , I eat, I stay.

Words fail me for a while and I am left quiet.

What to write?

Do I really want to write?

What to say here in this space?

Does it need saying?

Is it worthwhile?

Does it build up, encourage or instruct?

Or is it empty strokes on page filling space with unnecessary transmissions?

This is how I’m thinking now.

What do I want to say? What should I say? Or should I just stay quiet?


Today I’m linking up with Lisa Jo for Five Minute Friday!

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday on Sunday…. Quiet

  1. Hey there.
    I love this. I’ve felt this way MANY times.
    Let me make a suggestion. Read Write it Down, Make It Happen. It will change EVERYTHING.
    Good luck and keep writing.
    When we leave this world, our written is sometimes the only thing left of us.. and the most precious.


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