The Ritual of Random


  • My honey got me a prettypretty new ring as a surprise today because he loves me :) I love it and may post pictures if sufficiently coerced.
  • Reading the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook (The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier) makes me want to drink wine out of mason jars. Even though I don’t really like wine. Today I settled for chocolate milk.
  • I also now need to make coffee concentrate by the gallon for iced coffee. Even though it’s november. Yum. I guess it’s the power of good pictures of rich dark caffeine on a slightly sleep deprived individual.
  • Plastic baby spoons are perfect for stirring your chocolate milk when you don’t want to make any noise.
  • Day 60 of our sleep plan has come and gone with little motivation to update or take note on progress. I blame it on the child’s recent cold and pendant for bouncing. I must make myself post/track something before the month is out. Maybe tonight…?
  • I made a meal inspired by (but really not at all the same as) this recipe that simmered and cooked while I took care of some car business and visited with my mother and a friend.
  • The cats have finally figured out how to jump over the baby gate without the help of boxes.
  • My Dublet has a cold. It is very pitiful of him.
  • I haven’t done any christmas shopping.
  • Today I did three loads of laundry. I so love having a dryer.
  • I haven’t run since monday.
  • My one hundred days isn’t going so well. Some of it is pulling off without a hitch…some seems to be failing. But it’s only Day 14. There’s lot’s of time to improve.
  • and that is that. Right now the baby is sleeping, the husband is running, the kitchen is clean, the dryer is running and I am sitting in my heaped up -used to be clean- living room – indulging in being randomly blogified. Don’t ask me what that means. For now: au revior.

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