Turkey Day 5K – The PR that wasn’t…or was?

I was so excited to win an entry to this race from my local chapter of Moms Run This Town. I probably would not have run it except for that. It was so fun.

That’s right. That says “Jog Your Giblets Off”. Mhmm. (Don’t ask me how the numbers came out backwards and the words are forwards..that’s just how they are..it’s very strange.)

And on to the recap.

Ranger woke up at 4:30 thanksgiving morning. Instead of staying in bed and letting him kick and flop like I did this morning, we saved Israel some quiet space and went out to the living room where Ranger played and I dozed on the couch. At 5 Ranger decided he was sleepy again so we snoozed on the couch til 6:50 when my alarm went off for my 8:00 race.

Time to start the day!

I didn’t actually feel that tired for the weird night’s sleep. I think it was because I have been falling asleep earlier (passing out on the couch while waiting for my husband to finish work stuff) most nights this week.

We got the baby bundled up for the 30 degree weather… I wore my running tights under my shorts with a my long-sleeved half zippered pullover. And my running jacket. I felt like I needed a parka. and ventured forth. I was supposed to meet up with another lady from my MRTT group, but we missed each other due to my lateness and lack of phone. Israel dropped me off about a quarter of a mile away from where she and I were supposed to meet. I waited for a few minutes, but when I saw four of my speedy friends (Laura and three of her daughters) run by on their way to the starting line I gave up and decided I would start with them instead.

This proved to be an excellent decision as Laura and Beth (who is one of my best friends and just my age) are just a touch faster than me (the other two daughters are just out of my league fast) at this point in our running lives. So they pushed me to do my best and try really hard. :)

The race started right on time. The first mile was at an 8:45 pace as we made our way through a million (ok maybe five hundred or so) people. I stayed right with Laura and Beth until then.

Right after the mile Beth found her groove and took off ahead of us and Laura bided her time just a couple hundred of feet behind me. We stayed that way – Beth in view, but far off, Laura somewhere behind me, but close – until we hit the second mile marker. Just a little more 8 minute second mile.

After that marker Beth took off, I gave up on possibly catching her, and Laura passed me. Running beside me for a few paces she gave me some tips (quicker, shorter steps take less energy, but no, you probably shouldn’t try them now of all times) she then went on her way. I managed to keep her mostly in view until the last corner or so.

The third mile was long. Of course. My legs began to feel worn and tired. I took this as a good sign I was trying my hardest. My most recent 5K before this was more wearing on my lungs than on my legs, so this was good.

It was also very bright and sunny. I wished for sunglasses.

Somewhere in this mile Ranger and Israel showed up and ran next to me for a minute or so. Israel did not have the stroller…and was carrying Ranger in his arms, but still managed to run. Easily. Right next to me. People were annoyed. He was amused. I was glad to see him and hand him the jacket I had been carrying for the last mile and a half, shed because of exertion warmth.

The first half of the third mile flew by in 4:22. The second half of that mile was where I began to wonder about the accuracy of the distance…my watch had me at 3:26. That would have been faster than I’ve run before…and I felt like I went slower.


I turned the final corner and finished strong with a time of 25:08. Stoked.

That would be an awesome PR! My fastest time for a 5K before this was my first in 25:52.


This course was probably short. Maybe more than a tenth of a mile short.

Ah well. It was still a much better time than my 28:28 two months earlier!

If the course was only 2.95-3 miles as suspected instead of the advertised 3.1 I still would probably have had a time of 26:01 or 26:24 depending on how much longer the course should have been.

Which is a two minute improvement on my last 5K and only a few seconds off of my PR.

And ridiculously better than how I was hoping to do!

All in all a GREAT race! :)

I am left with an awesome shirt – long-sleeved, soft, good for running in, orange, good fit, awesome – and my sore muscles. A lovely way to start thanksgiving! :)


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