Deck the Halls! :)

For me, decorating is a gradual process. As each year happens my plans and decor get a little more elaborate. I’m speaking from my vast store of knowledge taken from 2 years of decorating on my own. :) it’s a work in progress.
Anyway. It started with some lights a week or so before thanksgiving. I put up three strands.


Then a day or two before thanksgiving I decided the lights I had attempted to ‘artfully’ drape over thumbtacks on the wall above our couch needed help.

So I took a couple strands of pretty aluminum wire, twisted them together, twisted the lights around them, and shaped it into a more pleasing arch with a few loop-de-loops. This gave the lights more body, a more thoughtful air, and a delightful sparkle.

At some point, I might add some sparkly glass balls to this ensemble for a more decorated look, but for now it makes me happy as is.
This year it was december before we had a chance to put up our tree. I consider anythingafter Thanksgiving fair game. We have a little mini tree that fits perfectly in the corner up on Israel’s desk. It’s perfectly out of reach for the small human and off limits for the quadrupeds, while still being in full view.

The only problem was the cluttery shelf behind the tree.

So I appropriated some cardboard and then wrapped it in some cloth I had picked up on a whim out of the remnants bin at the fabric store. Secured it with tape…

and it makes a lovely non-permanent and completely reuse-able shield for the shelf.

Still cluttered…but much better!
We have three stockings now!

I was just bemoaning the fact that I needed to make at least one, preferably two, more stockings for our mantle when we went over to my family’s house and found two Christmas stockings set aside for our use.

My wonderful grandma had asked a friend to knit one for Ranger and my mom was giving me the stocking my great-grandma made for me that I have used since I was little.

So my problem was solved and we have a delightful little set of mismatched stockings on our wall.
I was inspired by a pin on pinterest to make a little felt tree for Ranger.

I taped it to the dishwasher and he is frying to figure out how to make the felt stick instead of just pulling things down.

It’s really cute and he has fun playing with it! And we can just roll it up with the other decorations for next year.
For a look at last year’s Christmas decorations and projects go here and here :) This year’s decor was slightly more involved thanks to last year’s ornament making sessions and not having school this year :)
How has you christmas decor evolved over time?

6 thoughts on “Deck the Halls! :)

  1. We had to shove our tree in the corner too, out of reach of the crawling bebe. But I actually kind of like it there! It’s not nearly as intrusive as it has been in years past. Sometimes it takes having a baby to see how things can be improved in the feng shui of your apartment.


    1. Feng shui. Yes! Lol. :) my end-tables are clean thanks to him as well…though sometimes the contents are just on the floor. Oh and there is a three inch messless margin around the edge of the desk. Just to add to the beautifulness of my home, you know :p


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