a crunch on the floor {tales of motherhood}

As our evening draws to a close, I settle into the couch and look around. Mayhem reigns on the floor as the last few hours of nine month old play are scattered across the rug.

Any house with children knows this sight too well.

The cheerios and corn chip pieces from snacks of old are spread like time bombs waiting for that tiny crunch of reached potential. The crackling sound breaks forth from under the foot of an unsuspecting parent. Their shoulders hunch as the mischievous brother and sisters of the aforementioned crunch watch with glee.
The head above those shoulders thinks only on the interrupted calm of post-bed house and the need to sweep the floor.

Each crunchy step brings misplaced wishes for a dog.

And those noises are only part of the fun leftover from the day.

Board books, bright colors loudly proclaiming the presence of a young mind, are strewn with as much precision as a sleepy babe can handle. Here and there. Goodnight moon. Brown bear. Colors. Caterpillar.

The silent but colorful excitement is countered by the clamor of the seemingly misplace kitchen utensils as they beg to be returned to their home. The last ditch efforts of a mother in search of peace spread in an unorganized display of culinary disorder.

There are puzzle pieces delighted in their escape; waiting to escape under the couch and to whatever far corner opens up to them and makes the temporary freedom longer.

Filling in the gaps are mismatched socks, diapers in various stages, boxes, outfits and fun, all combining in a wild cacophony of unheard noise.

My ears are at piece as my eyes take in the chaos from my perch on the couch.

Today I choose to overlook the seeming mess to enjoy the momentary existence of our home as we see it now: momentariness that speaks of children and young married life.

The mess is more than I’d thought I’d ever allow in my house.

But that was before.

Now the presence of my child shows me the joy of life taken at an easy pace.

Someday, this mess will be gone, young minds will be grown into thoughtful adults, and the toys will no longer grace the floor.

Mayhap, I’ll clean it up tomorrow for a time, but tonight I sit in the moment and take pleasure in the mess.

3 thoughts on “a crunch on the floor {tales of motherhood}

  1. I laughed out loud when I read – Each crunchy step brings misplaced wishes for a dog. I love the conclusion – so true – there are many years to have a clean house and only a few to enjoy the mess little ones make. You have expressed this beautifully. Congrats!


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