I think my calendar melted.

Instead of an orderly single-file line of neatly numbered days, mine seems to be jumbling for attention – a motley conglomeration of mismatched letters and mashed attempts at a unique take on 24 hours. Yup. Yes. That is a lot of words to say: time flies and the days just seems to mesh into one.


A rough sketch of the last three days for your enjoyment and further understanding of my time- challenged life:

December 10th (so says my camera. We’ll go with it.)

Self-portraits with the Babe in my life.

Yes. You can be jealous.

He’s cute.

December 11th (the camera claims it is correct so I believe it. It’s easier than arguing with an inanimate object. Just trust me on that.)

We found out old worn out amusements, such as pots, toys, binks and spoons, are much more fun when played with inside of a cardboard box.

Who would have guessed?
To me, he looks like Israel in this next picture:

Pot lids are excellent reflectors, for those of us with “light issues” in our kitchens. What was that? Of course I did that on purpose! why would you doubt me? Do these pictures look as if they took zero forethought? Okok. You caught me. Accidental genius only.

And… The plastic thing the muffin papers comes in is a perfect see-through toy for the brilliant baby who got his daddy’s brains (and his mother’s, but I won’t say that because then I’d have to repent of something).


And that’s that.

December 12th (it’s today!)
Graham Cracker Candy houses happened.

My little sisters helped me out with mine. :)

That chocolate will be eaten soon. We’ll see about the rest. :)

And if you were expecting details… I warned you it was rough. I’m sorry.


And the insides of a chocolate whale were left to dry.

Because that makes sense.


I warned you.

The end.

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