Christmas moments.

Well, The time has come to end my sabbatical.

a host of posts for the new year are soon to come so I must share our Christmas fun with you.

My disappearance was mostly unintentional. It stemmed from a lack of motivation in the beginnning and a lack of access to pictures near the end (at least that is my excuse, my camera did not come with us on vacation through no fault of its own).

I was just waiting for the moment of inspiration to strike. (It never did.)

It was refreshing.

I only charged my iPad twice over our 11 day vacation. (Remarkable, I tell you.)

We had a grand time.


A few highlights:

  • We had christmas with my family a little early the day before we left for Georgia. And we had our own little Christmas the day before that. We had lots of celebrations.
  • 20121230-093013.jpg

  • We’re waiting to do our Chrstmas stockings til new year’s day just to have our own tradition that won’t be in conflict with any of our family’s. :) I thought I was a genius for thinking of it.
  • We visited family in the south. I found myself with exhibiting a slight drawl by the end of our 11 day trip. Somehow it seems more friendly not to burst out in a rapid fire northwestern speak when everyone else is talking easy.
  • 20121230-093131.jpg

  • We went and saw Christmas lights at the Zoo in Birmingham that Saturday. It was pretty.
  • 20121230-093116.jpg

  • David built Ranger an awesome highchair spur of the moment.
  • 20121230-093137.jpg

  • Ranger went swimming on his first christmas eve… :D There was a plastic wading pool upside down in our family’s yard. It had rained the night before it was a bit caved in with 3 inches of water or so. He had fun :) It was a lovely 70+ degrees in the sun so there was no reason why not. But it was his first time swimming on his own. in his clothes. in december. Pictures will come as soon as I have access to them.
  • 20121230-093144.jpg

  • After a few hours awake in the middle of the night on Christmas eve Ranger had a four hour stretch of sleep on christmas eve. in his crib. Yes, you heard that right. I had four hours of bed to myself. It was even the last four hours of the night so I even slept. Merry Christmas to me! :)
  • 20121230-093151.jpg

  • We went to church three days in a row. I really enjoyed it. David and Arianna go to a Lutheran Church in Birmingham and it was very similar to the Lutheran Brethren Church I grew up in.
  • 20121230-093159.jpg

  • Ranger is kind of figuring out presents are for opening, but mostly he is distracted by the people who cheer for him.
  • 20121230-093006.jpg

  • He got awesome toys. So far I’ve played with them just as much as he has. :D
  • We (Israel, David, and I plus Ranger and my two nieces) played in a playplace in an Ashley Furniture store. The adults had time trials racing through it (yes…we have video.. Later, people!). My best time was 12.08 seconds. Israel’s was 10 seconds flat. WE ended up with bruises and weird wear marks on our clothes. :) We had a blast :)
  • 20121230-093208.jpg

  • During the last few runs Ranger got tired so he nursed and the slept on a display bed for 15 minutes. It was pretty comical.
  • 20121230-093216.jpg

  • Ranger is switching to just one nap a day instead of two and it makes the putting to sleep a much less involved process. (now we just have to get him to switch back to mountain time…He’s stuck on Eastern and Central. Can you say “early mornings”?)
  • As always, beautiful pictures were taken while we were with Israel’s family… :) it’s basically inevitable. (And yes. Those will be posted as well eventually in more detail.
  • 20121230-093122.jpg

  • Ranger was kind and waited to begin cutting his 3rd tooth until we got home yesterday afternoon…
  • Israel jumped right back into work mode and has been gone on at shoots and client meetings in the mountains almost since we got back on friday. He gets home tonight!

(These pictures were stolen from my mom’s blog and my sister in law’s Facebook…I will have access to my own copies as soon as Israel gets back.. :))
How about you? How was your Christmas?

Your space.

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