12 for 12: a little self-examination.

With the beginning of the year I’ve been thinking on the direction I’d like to go with this blog. I’ve been wondering if I need to narrow down the focus or if I can continue to post everythng random as it occurs in my busy life.

It is an interesting question.

But in reviewing my writing over the past year I’ve found an obvious theme in my favorite posts.

Any guesses?

Do you all have insights or opinions on content here at overflow? Which of these is your favorite post of mine?

Without further ado. My 12 in 2012 with a brief excerpt from each to whet your appetite or jog your memory.

Thank you for reading, all. I would love some interaction :)

  1. What He Needs Right Now
  2. “He needs me to take off my serious face and smile.

    He needs dirt and fun and swings and adventure. Being his father’s son, I’m sure he needs these things.

    He needs a quiet lap, warm hugs, and his momma’s sense of humor to be fully prepared to laugh at the boy jokes (his dad has been working on that one for him. lol)

    He needs me.”

  3. Blue
  4. The bright blue sky that fills my mind is something of a masterpiece. The voice to describe that bright blue masterpiece leaves little to the imagination. It is art. It is me.

  5. A Crunch on the Floor
  6. The cheerios and corn chip pieces from snacks of old are spread like time bombs waiting for that tiny crunch of reached potential. The crackling sound breaks forth from under the foot of an unsuspecting parent. Their shoulders hunch as the mischievous brother and sisters of the aforementioned crunch watch with glee.
    The head above those shoulders thinks only on the interrupted calm of post-bed house and the need to sweep the floor.

    Each crunchy step brings misplaced wishes for a dog.

  7. Story Time: True Love
  8. For your funny bone…

    The Wife wakes up and spots a small bag of reeses peanut butter cups on the desk…

  9. Dream Child
  10. Who can say if you have met with things Holy?

    Or if you’re dreaming about milk?

  11. God Has Your Life: Why I’m ok on Church Vacation.
  12. And I’m piecing together my beliefs. Based on the Bible of course. But instead of just accepting the views of whatever church or pastor or person, I’m have started thinking for myself, questioning popular opinions, searching out information, and hopefully becoming more in tune with God’s heart for this world.

    And at the moment, I think that’s important.

  13. Wiggle
  14. A month before the lad made his appearance…

    I can’t wait for you to be a visible wiggle instead of a wiggly mystery.

  15. Momma Muscle
  16. These warm muscles ache.

    Exercise abandoned for the weekend, but they ache still.

    The fibers fighting, needing rest more than anything else.

  17. Wedding Day
  18. The final piece in our wedding story…

  19. Stuck Wishing for Elves
  20. “Somehow, the fleeting moments bless us mothers.

    They allow us the realization that these things are temporary.

    The lack of sleep will not be normal soom enough. Your house will be cleaner soon enough. And your time will be your own soon enough.”

  21. Ranger
  22. Pictures in those first few days…

  23. Big Things in Our Future
  24. “So the little man is making some major progress in his journey on becoming a human. I know I know. He has human status, but up til now he’s been an eating, noisy, floppy little monster of affection. :) don’t get me wrong that is quite lovely too.

    But now….”


6 thoughts on “12 for 12: a little self-examination.

    1. That’s what I noticed too :) though I hadn’t come up with the word ‘mindful’ that is a very good one. I’m glad someone likes the random posts. They happen a lot :) and will most likely continue. Haha. How long did it take you to narrow down what you to narrow down what you posted on?


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