Five Minute Friday – Opportunity (revisited)

With the opportunity to write un-edited today, comes an unprecedented silence.

The chance to write on. Opportunity fills my mind with wild contemplations on all the current opportunities in my life.

And one can’t write out their heart, and hopes, and dreams in five minutes flat.

Or can I?

I hope to read and write and write some more. Maybe a book one day.

I hope to learn and study my whole life through. Maybe another degree someday?

I hope to teach my children well, fill their lives with all good things, and point them firmly in the direction of Christ.

I dream dreams attainable and unattainable. I want to run fast. I want to help people in ways that can only be explained by the One who created.

I dream big things.

I want to hear God’s voice and know each opportunity when it presents itself.



Five Minute Friday is back after a month long absence. Join us at Lisa Jo’s for this 5 minute free write?


3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Opportunity (revisited)

  1. opportunity is often just another word for hope, huh? I love your aspirations and hopes. Thanks for sharing them with all of us at Five Minute Friday. :-)


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