These snowy days might drive me crazy.

I think I’m going a little nuts.

The snow is driving me crazy. I’m kept inside watching the world turn white. My car is completely buried under that blanket and the chance that I’ll get out the door is highly unlikely (not to mention the baby seat is in my husband’s car at work…).


I’m stuck at home.

Unless I feel like pushing the stroller through 6 inches of snow while it’s actively snowing I won’t get to run.

And who knows? I may just be that stir crazy by the time the age rolls around. We may attempt a run through the cemetery next to our house. It could be beautiful.

But for now.


What do you do on these snowy days caught at home with a baby?

I know I could bake, clean, read, write and play with that small thing, but up til these last few weeks of cold and white I’ve broken up our days of alone time with trips to the grocery store, trips to my family’s house and trips to the park to run every day.

I go out to stay sane.

I don’t like being home along all day.

What do you do?

Talk to me. I’ve got all the time in the world.

20130110-101249.jpg(from a snowy day last week when the sun came out…)


I’m starting out by ditching the pajamas, turning up some David Crowder and making coffee. What about you?


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10 thoughts on “These snowy days might drive me crazy.

  1. Maybe just a 15-minute walk with him in the baby carrier? Then you’d have no stroller to rassle, and even that bit of exercise is better than none. Home improvement projects are always energy-givers for me, and are good for January and February. And never underestimate the importance of chocolate. On long winter days I’ve been know to text dad and beg him to stop at the store on the way home from work.
    Love you!


    1. Hmmm, good suggestions! :) we might end up going for a walk! It’s so blizzardy though! I did just force myself to clean my kitchen and that was good. I’ll have to see if I can finish cleaning my couches too.. :) how was driving in the snow?


  2. Auntie Jen would love a baby visit! Next time roads aren’t a mess, you and the babe cover to place with second cousin’s toys!


    1. Well, that didn’t come out like I planned. You and babe come over to play with second cousin’s toys. Any better? LoL


  3. In weather like this some kind of wrap or carrier is the only way to go! Or, if he would stay on it, you could pull him round on a sled? I’m not sure how good his balance or patience is yet for such an activity? So far this year, we’ve not seen any snow and I kind of want some, but the last 2 years we got snowed in for over a week, and that did get tiresome after the excitement wore off, so I feel for you. We love late night walks with the dogs in the snow coz the sky is so bright we can still see them(they’re black), but they can go crazy in the snow and we don’t have to worry because no other soul is out in the cold at night haha.


    1. Wish I had a n easy fix honey. I share your frustration as I have been semi house bound since the 1st with the current bug-sinus infection. Call someone,not text, e-mail or face book. the actual sound of a voice is a comfort to me. And don’t forget G-Gmas are a great source of verbal hugs and “there, theres.”


    2. Oh a sled would be so fun!! I may have to look into finding one if this snow sticks around much longer. Thanks for the encouragement! You feel like a friend to me :) have you had any snow yet?


      1. Aw thanks, I feel the same way :) Despite the fact we live different continents and have never met face to face I think the Lord has given us a special connection via this blogging world to encourage each other :) We did have some snow last week, most of it has melted away now, but according to the forecast we are due more this weekend. The last two winters we have had about a foot and half of snow and my husband had to work from home for a week both times, but sadly that didn’t happen this year.


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