Five Minute Friday – Dive

Five Minute Friday is her! Join us at Lisa Jo’s with the word ‘dive’.


I remember when I dove correctly for the first time. At the ripe old age of about 19 or 20. Finally.

I leaned over the edge of the pool and made my move.

The water rushed by my face as I broke the current on my way to the bottom.

There was no stopping once you passed the point of balance.





In control and out at the same time.

At first you have no idea whether the jump will end in a painful flop or an exhilarating dive.

You don’t find out until after you commit.

Two possibilities. Flop or dive.

If you start to chicken out in the middle of your commitment a flop is almost inevitable, but if you point your hands where you want to go and picture the rest of you following in a smooth arc a favorable outcome is much more likely.

The key to a good dive is commitment and follow through.

No chickening out.


5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Dive

  1. Thank you for this! As we dive as a family this year, we need to know that the key is follow through. This is not always our forte. Amazingly, God knew exactly where to position my linked post, for me to click and read yours.


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