Cherished {Five Minute Friday}

Playing in the curtain with the kitty is loads of fun.
Playing in the curtain with the kitty is loads of fun.

He sits in a corner. His pile of books pulled over in a topple pile.

He chose his favorites. The one with holes in the pages.
curtain fun
He scrapes his wood hammer across the pages. Looking, listening, and feeling he explores the world of books.

He moves on to a colorful option opens it, closes it. Picks it up, puts it down.


These little moments do not seem that important, but one day we’ll forget how he explores his baby world, how he talks to us and makes his wishes (ie. needs!) known.

It’s a fun thing, figuring out this baby.

This 10 month old that rocks our world everyday.

It's a camera!
It’s a camera!

We watch, listen, hold, and give him what we can.

The cherished little boy.
curtain fun
I’m sure he knows, but doesn’t at the same time.

there's that kitty again...
there’s that kitty again…

Babies just expect the love and attention they get. It is a daily requirement of their lives..this ‘being cherished’ thing.

It’s only when we’re older we figure out the world is not the place we thought it was and beng truly cherished is something to cherish.



Five minute friday comes once a week though I usually catch up with these folks around saturday instead of friday… If you like to join us on a 5 minute free write for the word of the week, come to Lisa Jo’s and share your story over a plate of digital cookies. ;)

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