Again {Five Minute Friday}

again, again.

I sit down and write again. I sit down and eat again.

I change a diaper. again.

I wake up before I want to again.

I read a book. again. I watch a move. Again.

SO much of life is just a repeat of what you’ve already done.

So much of life is spent doing the same thing again and again.

But how many times do we call that ‘again’ something positive or pleasant?

Are most of the repeats stuck in an unhealthy negative moment?

again. gross.

again. so much work.

again. boring.

again. who would ever choose to do this so many times?

that is how the agains tend to leap in our brain.

how about instead of moping or whining we replace those again and woe-is-me thoughts with

Again! I get to feed my family again!

Again! I get to praise God in this place again!

Again! I get to bear witness to his glory in this situation again!


Instead of thinking of those agains as burdens or things we’d rather not do thing, think of them as ‘a gain‘.

again is a gain. because we get to try to improve.

again is a gain. because we get to repeat the thought over and maybe better.

again is  a gain. because a gain is a blessing.

again is a gain.

how about that?

 a picture of my munchkin with a dirty face.. again... :)
a picture of my munchkin with a dirty face.. again… :)


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What has your ‘again’ been these days? How could you turn it into ‘a gain’ instead? :)

10 thoughts on “Again {Five Minute Friday}

  1. This is a great take on those mundane things we do all day every day. For me, I have to go potty again, and AGAIN, AND AGAIN (I’m about 31 weeks pregnant). But hey, I get to go potty a lot because I get to have a new baby! :)


    1. Yes, Yes Yes! I remember those bathroom days. goodness gracious, you don’t believe it til you’re there! Keep on Keeping On! That baby will be a gain for certain! :) Blessings to you as you finish out this pregnancy and prepare for the new little one!


  2. You have such beautiful and true thoughts here! We so easily forget that God is with us even in mundane, again-and-again, moments, and that His presence with us makes those moments a gain, and useful for His glory and His kingdom. (I clicked over from the Gypsy Mama.)


  3. You are so right! When we are very ill and can not do the mundane things, how we look forward to being able to do them again!! How we realize indeed what a blessing and joy it is to be able to do them at all. :o)


    1. oh that is such a good realization as well! I hadn’t even thought of not being able to do something and then being able again. Truly what a blessing. Thank you for visiting and taking time to share!


  4. So true. Love the way you worded this. And I love how so many of us are learning that very truth – again is a gain indeed. On another note, your little munchkin is soooo adorable!


    1. Thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to encourage! I am glad my writing struck a chord with others this week :) Blessings! :) And thanks. We’re rather attached to the Munchkin :)


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