So it’s been a while since I’ve actually written and let you know exactly what may or may not be going on in this house. Besides the random conglomerations of pictures, the five minute fridays and other random postings, I’ve not shared the obligatory personal updates.

Little did you know I was holding back, right?


I’m here to break the silence.

There are several big things going down in this little family that I’ve failed to share for quite some time.

We’re finally in the process of looking for a house. We have a deposit mostly saved up. Israel has been working like a madman and is a super-husband without question. Now we are waiting for a house to show up in the area we’d most like to live in that falls within the constraints of our budget. It may take some time, but I’m trusting something lovely will show up exactly when God has planned.

I’d love a kitchen with a window and a yard with space for kids and a garden. Israel would like to be near the foothills where running out the back door is possible. The Tromptasaur would love a backyard not littered by the neighbor’s dog’s…umm…”seasonings”, a space to tromp and a place to sleep where mommy and daddy won’t have to walk through to go to sleep, use the bathroom, or get the laundry started.

We also need more space in general.


We’re filling up this little house and will need room for one more little person sometime in August (the date is a little happenstance as of yet. We’ll find out exactly when a little later. For now, August is enough to plan for… :)

So Ranger will have a sibling. We’re honestly hoping for a little girl, but can you imagine how much havoc and fun two little boys could wreck? So either way, the joy is the baby. Boy or girl.

Henceforth the little growing thing will be referred to as “Ribbit” until otherwise noted and will probably continue to be called the same until said personage objects to such indignity.

I’m also super excited because my sister is due with her second a month or a little more before me. So we’ll have another pregnancy together and another pair of children to be friends and cousins. this Christmas their will be two 1+year olds and two tiny babies to love on and pass around. Oh the joy! :)

So that’s the news thus far! A house and a baby! Oh and Ranger is taking steps, growing more teeth, and saying words (more updates on Ranger for his 11 month(!) post in a couple days).

Life is full and grand and lovely.

We’re excited.




(And apparently like to take self-portraits with the baby while making weird faces. Yup.)

20 thoughts on “Next!

    1. Thank you! It’s exciting! I’m trying to imagine him as a big brother as well…it is hard! I think it will be something he steps into gradually as he realizes he’s not the very littlest anymore. It will be interesting to watch.


  1. Yey that’s brilliant news!!! Many congratulations. Will be praying God brings the right house along quickly. I was wondering why I had no lovely posts from you appearing in my inbox for a while :)


    1. Yay! Thank you! And thank you for praying, too. God’s timing is always something I want to know in advance, but instead trust and prayer are required. and I may have to work a little harder at finding motivation to post…though it’s not for a lack of subject matter :)


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