A house and other random details. :)

My guys are resting adorably on the couch. We thought the babe was up from his nap, but he fell back to sleep snuggling with his daddy so they both get a snooze!


It’s like when Ranger was little!


We have been busy as bees recently.

Wednesday, our realtor, my uncle, sent us information on a house thatlooked promising. It wasn’t exactly in our ideal area (available houses there tend to be just above our budget) but it was pretty and appealing in every other way. We decided since this baby is only going to make moving more difficult we should get on the move and be willing to concede a little on the location. So on Thursday we looked at that house and one other at the same price and similar location. Compared the two, saw the great advantages to the first (garage, 3br plus and office, cohesively thought out interior, beautiful tall walls perfect for displaying large prints and many windows), decided it was a deal to be jumped on and made an offer on the first house. The offer was accepted and we’ll wait for financing to go through, check on a few things, and Lord willing we’ll close on March 20th!

I’m ridiculously excited to have a house and space and everything that comes with. I’m glad we’ll be there in time to plant a few things for a mini garden in its mini-yard. It will be fun. And ranger can play outside whenever he wants and judging by how he acted on thursday that will be alllll the time. :) oh and we’ll finally have space for a piano!! After playing almost constantly for 10 years the last few years of very sporadic playing has been weird. It will be lovely to get back into it. We’ll have to keep our eyes open for a good deal.

Other minor bits of news include:

  • an appointment with the midwives on march 14th sometime after which we’ll get an ultrasound and figure out the due date and possibly the gender of thus little one. I’m excited.
  • One advantage of going back to my old church has been the chance to get involved with the music and jump back in almost where I left off. I have been recruited to accompany church hymns on the piano once a month…or twice once I get in the rhythm.
  • Ribbit has been wiggling a bit.
  • The snow was gone and it was warm (45ish daily) but now it’s back so I’m taking hope from the last three days of the ten day forecast (50+!).
  • I’m trying to think of an orderly way to pack especially since we’re vacationing for a week with my family shortly after closing on the house, but probably before we move in entirely. For now I’ll start with getting rid of clutter/junk, returning borrowed items, and packing christmas decor, most books, my crafting supplies and Ranger’s outgrown clothes.
  • We’re going on a trip to the ocean in a month! :) We’re going to let Trompy sit front facing in his carseat for the first time during our 8 hour drive. Hopefully that and the ipad will help him stay happy. I’m also thinking a little box of new things/snacks/stickers/no idea to hand out as he gets bored.
  • 20130224-123144.jpg
    (Last year’s ocean trip)

Anyone else play the piano? How long?
How would you go about packing to move combined with packing for a trip?
Anyone have ideas for keeping a one year old happy on long car rides?

6 thoughts on “A house and other random details. :)

  1. We moved about a week before a week-long trip with Ben’s parents. Short distance moves are nice in that stuff doesn’t have to be perfectly packed ahead of time. I packed most of the kitchen on moving day between trips over.
    Get rid of junk and pack up everything that doesn’t get used daily. Then devote a day to move stuff over. We had to arrange for carpet cleaning, so that was a good “out or else” day for us. Our brothers helped me get everything small/medium moved over in just one day, using minivan from parents. A couple days later Ben and his dad brought the bigger stuff in a truck/trailer.
    Once we had everything to the house I did the trip packing. BUT… we didn’t have a baby to trip pack for or entertain during moving and I know that would slow stuff down. Very manageable though! Worst part is getting back from the trip and still having 90% of the house packed up and/or strewn everywhere. You can do it!
    I’ve been plotting car entertainments too. We might drive part day, part night and hope he sleeps.


    1. Oh cool! We’ve had so many people offer to help I’m not sure how would be best to utilize them! I’m hoping to have most stuff boxed up before we start moving just to keep it a little more organized. Especially since we’re hoping to move it all on the same day! Big and little. I cannot wait. :)


  2. I’m a piano player – another wanderer from your mom’s site. I took lessons as a child for seven years I think. I’m not extremely talented, as in, I have to work hard to read music and I can’t play by ear. However I found that I could learn to chord and so I played with our church worship team for lots of years. That turned out to be so much easier than putting in the effort on a classical piece. We don’t have a piano – I didn’t want to sacrifice the space. But I recently got a keyboard and hope to play some more. We have also moved fairly much – all around our neighborhood from an apartment, to a teeny tiny house, to a mid-sized house, to our “family” sized house with garage. I packed for days, a little at a time. I purged. I tried to be organized. When possible I started moving things in with every trip to the new house. On moving day we could clear out the old house and get it all over to the new in a the early part of the day, leaving the afternoon to unpack some things and set up beds. It’s a great way to do it but I’m always exhausted. Best wishes!


    1. Oh thank you so much for introducing yourself! It sounds like we’re just complimentary in piano skills. I am much better at figuring out written music than improvising off a chord! I’m always jealous of people who can do that! So fun that you got a keyboard! :) i think your packing method will be most similar to what I am doing. Packing gradually just seems to make sense! I’m always glad to have people come from my mom’s site! what is your favorite part about her writing/topics? Thanks for stopping by!


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