Updating “the dare” in consideration of a worn-out and pregnant mama.

Due to some new life changes and realizations I’m changing up my new year’s dare to accommodate.

I’ve cut out the half marathon. There’s no way I can train and be pregnant and do the distance justice during or shortly after being pregnant. I’m hoping to continue running through this time so I’ll be able to pick up a little sooner from the base I have already built and train to tackle it well sometime late in 2014. I’m cutting Yoga. The time for abs is not now. And I’m changing up my personal dare just a tad to be more wise and improve my performance in my current activities. The family dare lost the goal of having a five year plan. This was cut because I tend to rely on my plans way to much when I should be trusting God. So there you have it.

Here is the new and improved Dare for 2013.

  • Run every week (valid excuses being injury, late pregnancy, and early postpartum should they occur and the rest be required)
  • Run at least 365 miles over the course of the year (should be quite possible)
  • Run a 10k and of course some 5ks.. :) (should still be possible)
  • Run through pregnancy.


  • Create a morning routine that involves bible and prayer. Should do this….really.
  • Do things that scare me. Two kids. Yes. Birth again. Yes, that qualifies.
  • Complete a 100 days challenge…we’ll see…
  • Continue to do what I’m already doing. Just better.


  • find a church. Done.
  • buy a house. Working on it.
  • do hard things.
  • make good food


  • Read 100 books. Absolutely.
  • plan/write in the summer and execute a cohesive 31 days topic in October. Hopefully.
  • Read 6 books in Spanish. Should.
  • speak spanish to Ranger. Ok.


5 thoughts on “Updating “the dare” in consideration of a worn-out and pregnant mama.

  1. Are you going to speak Spanish exclusively to Ranger? I have been trying to decide if that is something we want to do with Baby H but I am nervous to do so because I am not a native speaker.


    1. I am not a native speaker either so I tend to mostly speak in English to him… it’s so fun to hear him picking up words so well I don’t want to confuse him too much with spanish (even though I know it wouldn’t really confuse him that much). There are some things that I do sometimes say in english and spanish though (‘come here’ and ‘let’s go’). So I’m still kinda undecided, too. Though I would like to start speaking to him in Spanish a little more for his benefit AND mine so I don’t lose my fluency. I will definitely be including spanish lessons when we start officially homeschooling him though. :)


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