Life is busy!


Hello again, It’s been a while and a lot has happened here these last two weeks.
We’ve celebrated Ranger’s first birthday (you’ll get an update as soon as I can steal pictures from my husband), gotten house details sorted out and taken care of, had an ultrasound, israel worked and worked as usual, and tonight we’ll celebrate our second anniversary with a dinner of my grandma’s crescent rolls ( I hope mine turn out!) and her mushroom chicken. Yum. I decided I’d actually get up some energy, plan a little, and cook something yummy today instead flying by the seat of my pants in honor of our anniversary. I’m sure Israel will be pleased.
Other than that, tons of boxes being filled with stuff, normal pregnancy tiredness, procrastinating and then binge cooking and cleaning,enjoying the lovely warmer weather(!), running BOB through some goat-heads (poor Bob’s tires are dead for a little while now:( ), and everything else in between, my life has been pretty dull [note intended sarcasm].
Saturday, Ranger and I thrifted our hearts out. We went to Moppet Togs – a mom-run twice yearly kids sale similar to the one I visited in Birmingham with my sister in law last October. They had everything. Clothing, toys, books, crib mattresses, strollers. You name it. Even maternity clothes.

I love a good deal. :)

I spent 35.25.

We ended up with:

  • summer maternity clothes (two sundresses, a tee, a skirt, a pair of shorts and a support band similar to one I was considering buying on amazon for 25$),
  • clothes for Ranger (a tee, two pairs shorts, a pair nice babygap sandals, a pair jeans shorts overalls),
  • 3 adorable items of clothing for the littlest due the second week in September,
  • and last, but not least, a super fun ride-on toy just like his youngest uncles used to have for Ranger to the tune of $4.50.


Later that day Ranger and I went out again in search of one more baby-gate and some baby monitors. We’ll see how the monitors work, but we found everything we needed! :)


The rest of this week will be busy with packing, moving and getting ready for our trip!

We close on the house tomorrow morning; I’m watching a little boy tomorrow afternoon; wednesday morning my mom is coming to play with Ranger while I pack more; wednesday afternoon my grandpa has a couple hours and a trailer; wednesday night will be the first night at our house and in the evening the little boy is coming to play again; then thursday my family is being wonderful and is helping us move the rest of everything! :)


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