My noisy photos.

I just erased that first sentence. Yes I did, but you’d never know. Editing is too easy here.

It’s easy to bottle up and hide and not try new things

For fear of over-displaying a lack of knowledge

Or style

Or artistry.

It’s easy to feel intimidated by the writing for the masses that is the internet.

It’s easy to give in to perfectionism and bottle up your best ideas.

It’s easy to say ‘that post is not good enough’, close the window, shut the screen and never share your hopes, dreams, words, and art with anyone at all.

Even those few who do care and read your blog.

Some days it’s easy to hide in perfectionism, comparing yourself to your writer mother and photographer husband and then saying this is substandard ( even though their standard is not your own). And then never writing or sharing pictures at all.

It’s easy.

I need to remind myself I am not them.

My space is here. Small and close so far.

Fairly comfortable.

I should feel free to just write and say and share the things I need to write and say and share.

Not stuttering over normal everyday sentences.

Not worrying too much about pictures where the ISO isn’t quite right.

Just saying things and sharing things.

That is all.

The end.

My favorite thing this week:

I have a piano now. Lovely, yes, it is.

And that is the noisy picture that brought my thoughts to these words.

I was too impatient to wait til morning to take this picture.

And apparently could not find a light switch.


What was your favorite thing this last week?

8 thoughts on “My noisy photos.

  1. I am becoming quite fond of you and your precious little family. I always look forward to “hearing” (reading) the overflow of your heart.

    Congratulations on your new piano! One of my life long dreams has been to learn to play the piano. Alas… I haven’t given up hope, though I am in my 60’s now. ;o)

    LOVE the family portrait above the piano! Very best wishes for your new “Little One” !


    1. Ahh, thank you! It is so nice to have encouraging readers like you! And yes! You have time to learn piano still :) it is such a joy :) as is the picture above my piano. I love it too! Thank you!


  2. The piano looks right at home. I think we are told to be as “little children” and you can se how Ranger delights in his discoveries even though they may be ordinary to the world. As adults we are not as fearless. We all need a safe place for expression. Thank you for being brave and sharing .


    1. Yayy :) thanks for reading and commenting, grandma :) it’s so true we need to be brave and then other people will also be encouraged to be brave and be themselves. It’s a good thing.


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