House Tour: Ranger’s Room

Ranger’s room was the first to gain any semblance of being put together. His room is in the back left corner of the house. It is bright and cheerful and you can’t hear the doorbell when the door is shut and the fan is on. It’s perfect.
Here are a few pictures of it when it was clean for the first time a few weeks ago.

The toys and books are more out than away today, but they were clean then and he loves having them where he can get to them easily. I love how fresh and bright it turned out without any extra decorating.

I’m sure at some point I’ll be inspired to do more but for now this works for us.

My mom picked up the bright colored baskets from the dollar store and they a perfect for sorting the toys into general categories (balls, stuffed animals, baby toys, and random).


I’ll hopefully continue the tour soon, but maybe you’ll just see one space a month for 10 months. We’ll see how long I can draw out the suspense (or how quickly I can get things together and photographed, haha. The actual holdback!).


What is your favorite room in your house right now?

Right now, mine is Israel’s office. He’s building a new desk that will work for just what he wants it for and we have the space up for movies or showing clients pictures as wanted. It is perfect for him, the light is beautiful in the evenings, it is full of windows, the ceiling is even cool and vaulted, and I am so thankful he has that space now.

Have a lovely Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “House Tour: Ranger’s Room

  1. My favorite room? My husband’s study. It’s nearly always a mess, but so much of our living goes on in there. There’s something kinda nice about there always being a “work in progress” that I try not to disturb, and an excuse to simply close the door off as needed so I don’t have to concern myself with the mess in that room. ;o) Besides, it has so much of my dear husband’s presence in it that I like to work in there when he is not at home. Our grown son spent a lot of time working in it while homeschooling, too, so it just feels all cozy to me.

    Love Ranger’s room and his toys! I can see that he really enjoys his room! :o)

    I love most of all being outdoors in our yard and garden, though. Bet Ranger likes the outdoors, too! ;o))


    1. Yes! It did seem to make sense to have something put together for the littlest. He likes to know where all his toys are :) and I liked to know he wasn’t about to fall off a pile of boxes when I wasn’t looking :) hehe. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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