Stream of consciousness: spending words

The last couple days Israel has been out of town on business, so ranger and I have been left to go it alone. And I have had extra words building up apparently. This post wasn’t going to be this long. But ah well.
Here we are anyway.

The last couple days.

For your pleasure and perusal.

Wednesday we made our way to Costco with some of my family for eye appointments. We had to coincide so I wouldn’t be caught trying to keep ranger out of the optometrist’s expensive equipment and trying to communicate whether the first option or the second option was better. The eye doctor saw me, my mom, and my brother in an hour window. It was a little ridiculous. I guess their methods have gotten a lot better since I started going 15 years ago? (How has it been that long?)

My first pair of glasses were big and round with gold frames when I was 8. I loved them and wore them on a gold chain around my neck so I wouldn’t lose them when I took them off to read. (And just an aside to any young people who might be reading my blog: don’t try to read by the light of your red numbered alarm clock. It will kill your vision.) My eyes have deteriorated much since then and when I take my contacts out I have to remind people that I cannot see their face or whatever screen/book they are trying to show me clearly unless I am less than 11 and a half inches away.
But the good news is they seem to have stopped getting worse and I am in the same prescription I was 3 years ago (yes, I swap out my contacts much less often then I should).

Anyway. Long story short. Wednesday. Costco. New contacts. Family. Fun times. Mocha freeze = my new addiction…except I don’t have addictions that cost money. So maybe my new splurge.

I also found a running tank that I’m hoping will work well for this summer when it’s ridiculously hot and I’m 7 months pregnant. I’m thinking I’ll probably go back and get another one after I try a run in this one, cuz you can’t really beat 12 dollars for a running top. Especially if it actually works out (i.e. doesn’t hike up).

You can pretend I just went on a run or just going on one. But alas. It was an off day :)

Even though the weather is still technically lovely and cool (60-70 everyday) I already feel like the weather is hot. 70 feels like 85. And I am only 21 weeks along.

Just starting to really show to everyone.

Who knows how I’ll be when it’s 102 outside.


I guess we’ll get up early and stay inside during the day? Or go to the pool half a mile down the street from our house all the time :) i love outdoor pools.

We might have the whole ‘getting up early thing’ down already. I kinda hope not, but just judging by yesterday and today the new bedtime is 8 or 8:30 (hallelujah. He was stuck at 10 or 11) and morning comes right at 6AM (talk about cranky unicorns). We shall see.

The good part about that early morning thing is he ready for a nice long nap by 8:30 or 9 and then we have the rest of the day to do everything else.

Yesterday, after he woke up, we gathered some food and went for a day to start spending my birthday money. Very fun. I ended up finding a t-shirt, two pairs of knee-length shorts ith flexible enough waistbands for later pregnancy use (hopefully!), and a prettier wicker laundry basket our bathroom at the Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Store for 14 dollars.

I am very happy with these shorts!


Then we went across the street to Ross and found some running shorts with more space for my growing tummy. Hopefully they work a while. I’m interested to see how they end up working out for me since they are different from my only other pair of running shorts in that they have a built in spandex-y set of shorts underneath the lighter material. That way if your thighs happen to rub together like the average woman the shorts don’t hike up and leave you with less coverage than you started with. (I’m not the only one with that problem right??)

So those are cool.

Then we headed over to winco and picked up 8lbs of strawberries for 6 dollars and spent a little more of my birthday on beginning canning supplies (pectin, a few jars, and sugar). Strawberry jam, here I come!

Then we were home the rest of the afternoon. Ranger played outside in his water. I read. Too much.

Amazon money for birthdays is like Christmas!

Birthday books:

I may have to review a couple of these later as I am quite enjoying them and would love to be able to consolidate my thoughts!

Later yesterday evening we went to see a friend’s graphic design show. very fun. Ranger liked it because I fed him a gummy worm. i liked it because I got t see everything my friend has been up to for the last five years and see how much her style is distinctly her.

Then it was almost bedtime so we ran on the greenbelt (far, far away from where my friend saw a mountain lion yesterday afternoon. I know, right?!?) and drove home.

My strategy worked and ranger was asleep by the time we got home. All I had to do was transfer him to his crib and then change him the next time he woke up. Much easier than 2 hours of fighting bedtime!

Today is shaping up to be much like yesterday in the hour of waking. We’re going to hang out with my family (and maybe use their washer since mine is broken and Ranger is fresh out of jammies!) when Ranger wakes up from his nap. And then come home and scramble the house back to order before Israel gets back tonight.

(Links included are affiliate links. I gain a small percentage if click through to amazon and purchase something.)


How is the weather shaping up near you?
Anyone else in need of a new summer wardrobe?
Any runners or swimmers? Any other former lifeguards? Water lovers or haters? :)

Thanks for reading, all of you. :) I love to hear about who you are.

6 thoughts on “Stream of consciousness: spending words

  1. our weather here right now is SO NICE!!! It is high 70s, and supposed to get up to the 80s this weekend. I love it!!!!

    Did you get that running top from Costco? I have two that I got from there and I LOVE them!! They are long, which is nice, and they are ridiculously comfy.

    how much have you read of Carry on Warrior? I am only about a third of the way through, but I am in love. SO GOOD.

    also….i am adopting a dog tomorrow!!!! I’m SO EXCITED!! I’m going to take it on lots of hikes. GAH i can hardly wait!

    that is all for now :)


    1. Yay! Becky! Your comment mad me so happy :) lol. And. Yes I did laugh out loud actually.
      Yes! The top is from costco and I must get another. Or two. Or one of each color if I lack self-control, but that is unlikely. Sadly.
      I’ve been forcing myself to take Carry On, Warrior bit by bit so I can spread the joy out. It is such a very fun conspiratorial book it’s only right to make it last as long as possible right? I think I’m about a third through as well :)
      And yayayay! For your dog? How is it? :) have you hiked its little paws off yet? Someday I want a puppy too :) though right now I’m dreading potty-training my child so I’ll just put that little dog-wish om hold, I think. Haha. :D

      Cheers to you! Enjoy your weekend :)


  2. The weather here is fantastic, though it may rain a bit this evening. Hubby is working in the garden, and I am going to momentarily prepare a quick dinner. Roast with veggies… It has been cooking much of the afternoon and smelling so good!! :o) Hoping to go to a free music festival and outdoor crafts fair this weekend in the mountains here in TN. Preparing for our niece’s wedding next weekend at a pretty nearby outdoor gazebo, and for finals week at the college where my husband teaches next week … and graduation. Lots going on!

    BTW, he often tells me how well his homeschooled students are doing. :o)

    LOVED the pic of you and our new “Little One”! :o)) I walk very often, but not much running these days for me… may start some jogging, though. Have recently lost 52 pounds by just eating healthier and walking and want to lose about 20 more. Yay!

    Hope your weekend is immensely blessed, as you and yours are a blessing. :o) Hugs for Ranger, please.


    1. Yay!it sounds like you have gotten plenty of sunshine recently! I’m so glad! :) i need to get my garden going soon too! I can’t wait!

      I am very glad to hear your husband has a good opinion of home-schooled students :) i hope this government continues to give value that freedom we have. I’m looking forward to teaching my kids :)

      Way to go on your weight loss! Inspiring, for sure :) I bet you have so much more fun with the littles in your life now :)

      I hope this weekend is lovely and blessed!


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