Comfort {five minute friday}

Joining up with Lisa Jo for another five minute friday. It’s been a while.



We live in comfort in this first world full of highly available excess. We may think we need this and that and something more, but in reality most of us have quitr enough and are living in a comfort unknown to the general population of the world.

We rely on running washers to keep our hands soft and days free of excess work so we can continue on in our habits of play and enjoyment.

We keep our grass green and trimmed because comfort is having water for the grass.


Our lives seem to be lacking in not too much (though our ever-present lists of wants and needs might say otherwise), but slmehow we are never actually satisfied with what we have.

We live im physical comfort while our minds wear away the hours at tasks deemed worthwhile and even pleasuable but somehow this specific mind doesn’t fit in with that thought.

We live in spiritual comfort as we don’t go too far to challenge our own self’s well-being when mYbe, just maybe we’d be better off if we hung out feet out over the edge and expirimented with the new.


Do we need it?


6 thoughts on “Comfort {five minute friday}

  1. Lovely. This line captured me: “mYbe, just maybe we’d be better off if we hung out feet out over the edge and expirimented with the new.”
    Awesome how five minutes of free writing, can lead to wisdom like this. Thank you.


    1. Oh thank you for coming over this weekend! I do love the five minute friday for just that reason. Those bits of wisdom are a welcome surprise. And your kind words are appreciated :)


  2. Wow. Your words really make you stop and ponder…the comforts we have that so many do not. And yet we are never satisfied. I love what you created in five minutes. Blessings.


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