That cherry coke…

Oh yes. So I have too much energy right now. Sort of. It’s more of an inability to shut down the brain, that sounds closer to right.
That cherry coke.. Had a lot of caffeine! It should have a warning label: “Do not drink after 4PM; Internal brain happenings may be jumbled or excited while physical and mental energy remain limited and unavailable.”


I’m sorry.

Maybe I won’t do it again?

No promises here.


I feel like I have a quite a few posts in the works in my head though they’re all still jumbled messes at this point. And therefore still in an unretrievable format.


So here is a post just to say hello, I guess…since nothing else of intelligible note is coming to mind…

So hello! How are you? How was your monday?

Ranger and I stayed busy today for my sanity (the very short business trip stole my husband away and wearing the child out for sleeping is necessary…though it didn’t really work this evening). We went shopping, then napping, then picnicking and play-gym-ing, then walmart-ing, then partying and, eventually, bedtime-ing.


2 thoughts on “That cherry coke…

  1. I can’t do caffeine either. ;o)
    Spent last week at the beach. Had fun! It was absolutely beautiful there, but the Smoky Mountains looked ever so green and breathtakingly beautiful on returning home! That verdant velvety lush everywhere green of springtime… Seems like going away for a while made me appreciate it all the more. Still unpacking! And laundry… Oh, the laundry. Maybe a cherry coke would help right now. ;o))


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