House Tour: Master Bedroom

I finally got our bedroom pulled back together. It took a couple hours of folding laundry, matching socks and digging, but eventually the piles of clothing were beaten into submission.

I love our room in the evening. The window faces west for lovely evening light. We can see into two neighbors yards since our room is only a few feet from the fence, but it is lined with light and pretty trees so when we look out we mostly only see green leaves and foliage. It’s quite lovely.

We have a bathroom off our room. It has two sinks and a tub and shower. It will be shown to you once the countertop is visible again.

My closet space tripled. It’s a little ridiculous. Hopefully the used-to-be-perpetual pile of clothes in front of my wardrobe will continue to be a has-been and never be seen again. We shall see.

Another thing we have really enjoyed about this house are the interesting rooflines and high ceilings. I tried to get a picture of the one in our room. It’s fun.

We like our house a lot :)

6 thoughts on “House Tour: Master Bedroom

    1. Thanks! And no, totally not weird. i’m the weird one that posted pictures of it online for the universe to see. Haha :) my husband bought it from a local craftsman a week or two before we got married two years ago. You might have someone nearby depending on where you live :)


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