Backyard projects and one muddy little lad

Our yard has been getting a few upgrades recently.

My wonderful husband planted some posts and dug up the grass for my little garden. We’re going to put some wire field fencing around the area so that my little dirt digger won’t be able to dig up all my plants on a whim.

This is basically the state of the garden right now. The grass from the area is turned over in the hole to let the dirt dry out so we can hopefully shake some of it back into the garden. We also have half a bag of mulch left from planting our new tree that will be perfect to add to the mix.


I still haven’t quite decided what to plant exactly. I know I want tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zuchinni and pumpkins, but I may throw in a few extra things for fun. Maybe a raspberry plant or two (to be moved if they decide to spread) and a few pretty flowers around the edges. :)

Ranger had to do some dirt playing of his own while daddy worked. He loves his dirt.


And I love his little baby face :)


Along with his scrunchy elbows and long eyelashes. such cuteness.

The other morning he came to me looking like this:


Yes, those are his pj’s under his sweatshirt :)

I asked him where he found the mud and he went over to our brand new little tree where the freshly watered mud was.


Our little baby and his little baby tree.


Mud is apparently lots of fun. He was saying “bleh” in the above picture.


I let him play a few more minutes…while I took pictures of the cuteness of course.


And once we got the perfect happy picture…


It was time to clean up the baby and mess up the tub.


I decided the easiest way to get everything clean was to drop him in the tub fully clothed and gradually rinse everything out. He loved it. :)

Our yard is getting very fun :) And only set to have more upgrades eventually. A little shade on the patio would be nice so Israel (an almost architect turned physics major) and my brother-in-law (a landscape architect) are working on a plan to turn it into someplace where we can happily spend time during these hot summers. :)


Does anyone else have a garden? what do you like to plant? What did you plant this year?

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