View {five minute friday}

Sometimes I think about his view as we make our way through the parking lot after a trip to the store.

Him, secure on my hip, watching the world go by, pointing when he spots our dusty bright red car.

I would like to think it feels like a safe place, going where momma goes, secure in the knowledge that when we leave the store he will be with me and the grocery store clerks that are so friendly are just nice people to wave at and then leave behind.

I guess you’d call it attached. He’s attached to me at the hip. I’m attached to him at the heart.

Pointing, talking, laughing, secure.

A happy little lad.

Watching his world go by from the safety of his momma’s arms.

Right now the cord is fairly short though he longs to stretch it past my limit.

He’s an adventurer, that one, him and his father both.

He’ll stretch me farther than I’d every imagine I’d imagine. But that little stretch of close careful love will be there to draw him close on rough days and be the safe base in his adventures.

His view from my arms.

Just how it should be.


Linking up with Lisa Jo for Five Minute Friday! Join us there :)


(Someday an adventurer just has to stand on his car…)

6 thoughts on “View {five minute friday}

  1. oh, I remember those days so clearly. And still endure them even though he (or she) is so huge and wild. Thanks for sharing and making me miss it just a bit. :)


  2. Hooking up via FMF. Love the idea of looking at the world from a momma’s hip… Beautiful image and one that I will use as I think about being secure in Abba’s love. Thanks for sharing.


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