Beating Back “Perfect”: Laundry is not eternal however clothing is not optional.

Here is the third piece in my Beating Back “Perfect” series. :) Next week I’ll some books for the journey towards imperfection.
Here is the first installment on parenting and the second on marriage.
On housekeeping and homemaking:

  • People are more important than appearances. If neglecting some of your cleaning duties means your people are better cared for, make that distinction and choose the people.
  • Your people are affected by the state of your home, but in different ways than you might expect.
    Recently my husband came home from a short business trip and remarked how nice it was to have things so clean. At that moment I was just about to apologize for the mess. The actual state of things: the kitchen was clean, the other rooms and floors were cluttery/messy. My husband feels taken care of when the kitchen is clean (i.e. not causing his mold allergies to bother him). So now the goal is to at least clean the kitchen.
  • Pinterest is not a good indicator of how actual homes look. Lived in is not a bad look as long as there is a welcoming atmosphere, love, and your people feel taken care of.
  • Look for ways to simplify your to-do lists. Planning meals, scheduling chores, decluttering and storing things thoughtfully could all be helpful to maintaining your home.
  • Make time and space to recharge through writing, reading, prayer, exercise, etc. As the Homemaker, it is important to keep up your own ability to share your resources with your crowd and scatter your energy throughout the home. Don’t feel bad about taking time for you.
  • Decorating and landscaping are gradual processes. The grass is green. There are things growing. We’ll build on it.
  • Gardens are supposed to be fun and optional. just hopefully planted before july….
  • Messy houses happen. Your visitors will survive and mayhap feel less anxious about entertaining in their own less than perfect house. Though of course there is a fine line between to walk so as to keep a welcoming and relaxing feel.
  • Laundry is not eternal and does not effect your salvation, though, please, do keep your family clothed!
  • Feeding your family is something to prioritize, but eating out does not a failure make. Live in the moment. Keep life fun and relaxed for your people.
  • ~~~~~~~~~~

    What would you add?

3 thoughts on “Beating Back “Perfect”: Laundry is not eternal however clothing is not optional.

  1. Amen, think you’ve pretty much got it covered! It’s just taking the head knowledge and making it heart knowledge so we can live in the freedom of perfect imperfection that’s the tricky part :)


  2. Words of wisdom from the grandmother: a home should be clean enough to b e healthy and dirty enough to be happy. to be found on a sampler in the laundry room. I complete it last century when I was experiencing much like you the challenges of early everything. I thought it was true and funny, Grandpa mike not so much. Time has not changed my opinion.


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