The feeling of things: being more intentional and a weekend trip

We just got back from a long weekend in the mountains.

It was lovely.


We saw foxes on the back porch.


We got outside.


We hiked.


We were together, just us, a bit more than usual.

Israel worked about as much as usual and Ranger slept a lot less than usual.

But those things we got through.

And despite the added stress of sleeplessness, I still ended the weekend feeling more rested and ready for life to come again.

I continue to feel on the verge of figuring more of my life out. I’ve felt like that for a month or so now… And gradually, gradually, it’s happening, of course. But who wouldn’t want immediate revelation?

There was time for me to spend less time cooking, more time reading, less time fussing, and more time together with my husband in a focused way that mattered.

I came away from the weekend thinking more thoughtfully about what I do and don’t do for my husband, having a renewed feeling of extreme love for him, and feeling a vague sense of what I might change to make our life together more peaceful and happy.

Even with the work in the middle and the sleepless toddler, after the fact it feels like a second honeymoon.

I would love to keep taking these impromptu times away from most of our main life, all the extra people, and distractions.

It’s important, I think.

Coming home yesterday we were greeted with out knee-deep lawn, and a few more ants than necessary. So while Ranger and I unpacked and sorted through a huge box of hand me down maternity clothes (I hit the jackpot for sure!) Israel went off to home depot for more weed-wacker/eater line, ant spray, and to pick out his father’s day grill.

He came home and took care of all sort of things around the house: the grass, the yard weeds, the ants, and put together his grill.

(We did find the English instructions by and by…)

Ranger and I came out while he put it together. I actually just sat and watched Ranger play and Israel put together all the metal pieces of his grill.

(He thought I was silly for wanting to take his picture… :) )

I realized, that sometimes, my boys just need someone to focus on them and to cheer them on in what they do (without my preoccupation with my own thing).

And they need things like legos even when they’re 30 – hello, non-pre-assembled grill :)

And it is my job to buy them clothes (my man looked spiffy yesterday in his new shirt and shorts!)

I love them both and can’t quite wait to keep learning how to do this job better.

(Spoiled, I tell you, thanks to the dreadful economy…)

I’m hoping to be able to be still enough to keep realizing the little things that are important and to start being more intentional about choosing my boys over myself.
How was your weekend? What have you realized about life lately?

One thought on “The feeling of things: being more intentional and a weekend trip

  1. How I love “My Guys!” So, I can relate… :o) Glad you got to go to the mountains. Aren’t they always rejuvenating and revitalizing!? Seems like I get a new lease on life after we spend some time hiking or even just picnicing in the mountains. The ocean and beach have a similar effect on me. Maybe it’s the time away from the daily duties and being more focused on My Guys… and God’s awesome creation! Helps me to realize there’s nothing too hard for Him and how He must love us to create all the beauty for us to enjoy! :o)


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