House Tour: Entry, Living, Dining.

A week or ago my newly acquired expanse of wood floors inspired me to take the plunge and buy a mop. 15 whole dollars. Yes. i know.


I was just tired of attempting a hands and knees cleaning and only getting 1/3 of the way through before getting tired.

Okok. This happened once.

And yes….it was only about a sixth of the way, but I did spot mop the rest! :)

Anyways. I was inspired to clean the floor and take some pictures of the living area.

So here you are.

The entryway.

The door to the left is Israel’s office. And yes, that’s where the stroller lives most of the time. I love be able to run out our front door. :)

Most of the rest:

Note the high ceilings, cool wall to mostly hide my kitchen mess and the cat toy hanging from the kitchen entry…yeah.

More high ceilings and living area. Love my piano!

The doorway across from the coffee table leads to the second bathroom, ranger’s room and the library/extra room. The master bedroom, laundry room, and garage are to the right of the kitchen.
I’m looking forward to giving these areas some home-y and beautiful touches…another chair or two some shelves, a dining table. A couple rugs. a place for Ranger’s toys. More art. You know. It will be fun.

How often do you sweep/mop your wood floors?

8 thoughts on “House Tour: Entry, Living, Dining.

  1. Ohhhh… What a lovely home! And so clean and spiffy! I LOVE the photo of your family where you are lying in leaves! Prize winning photo!! Carpeted floor here. Would love wood floors, but alas…


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