The June Bump {summer maternity series}


Summer is officially here. This next week is going to be hothothot. It will be interesting.

I’ve been very sporadic in remembering to take pictures of my outfits. I think I only remember when I feel especially put together or cute. Ha.

I shall try to be more honest with you all and take pictures a bit more often. :) we shall see. I anticipated this summer dressing thing would be a lot harder than it has been so far (though we’ve not had very many hot days yet!), but I was given a huuuge box (think coffin sized…ok, maybe dwarf coffin sized) of hand-me-down maternity clothes (a huge collection from a few different ladies judging by the sizes) to go through and ended up keeping about a third of it!

So now I suddenly have a whole summer maternity wardrobe to put to use.

I was so happy for that.

I’m still going to have to try a little bit, but now I have cute t-shirts that actually fit for my ‘t-shirt and jeans’ days! :)

Speaking of:

Prime example. It hasn’t been too hot for jeans much yet, but I’m sure we’ll get there.

My new and improved running top from Costco. I ended up getting three of these, two in small and one in medium for when I’m more pregnant. :) I only decorated the medium as it shall be my dedicated pregnant summer running top.

The president of my chapter of the Moms Run This Town running club has a fun machine that lets her make these iron ons for us. She had this one for her pregnancy and I thought it was too cute. I will definitely be wearing this for my race in a couple weeks.

Another t-shirt and jeans day. We matched and he thought it was so much fun to get an impromptu cuddle picture :)

A brightly colored t-shirt and jeans combo for a rainy day. I’m really liking these colorful skinny jeans as a pop to draw attention somewhere other than the bump.
Plus I just like bright colors… :)

So far I just wear my normal jeans with a belly band or low-waisted jeans I’ve gotten specifically for pregnant use. I would love to wear maternity jeans, buuut..they tend to slip down gradually. Especially after you’ve worn them a while. For some reason my normal jeans stay up better. I’m just lucky they still fit (I blame running).

They do tend to get uncomfortable across the front if I wear them too long…but it bothers me less then sagging pockets. So I sacrifice and just change out of them in the evening for lounging.
I know.
I’m so sneaky. I don’t wear the same outfit all day!

I’ve been enjoying these soft skirts. So comfortable on tired days.

The side view of this outfit shows me that shirt is a little shorter than I’d like.. Doesn’t really matter with a cami underneath, but I don’t really like the look.

Ranger saw me posing and decided he needed in on the model shots.

What a stud :)

The purple jeans again… Dressing a gray day and a gray shirt. Not quite sure how I feel about this shirt.

This was a cooler day so I attempted a jacket…as soon as I got to my destination I took it off because of the humidity…but I tried.

I thought my outfit today was really fun. i really wanted to wear the blue shirt, but I was having trouble with the fit of it.

20130627-185249.jpg (Ranger picked up the camera from where I’d set it up with them timer so I hurried to pose while it was still somewhat pointed in my direction!)
Turns out it works really well as a vest and I felt pretty and somewhat dressed up for our date today :)


So that’s that. My reflection on some outfits.

I really don’t have much of an idea where I’m going with this series. But I like trying to make sure I look cute for Mr. Husband a bit more often and am not in stretchy pants and a tee all the time. :)
It’s a confidence boost as I go through the day knowing I tried a bit and I don’t look as frazzled/tired as I might feel.

I also get more done on days when I’m up and dressed sooner.

Next week I’m going to need to get a tad more creative since my jeans will be out the window along with the cool air… So thankful for air-conditioning!

Comments, ideas, whatever you want to tell me?

Are you interested in this at all?

How was your thursday?

8 thoughts on “The June Bump {summer maternity series}

  1. Well, now, aren’t you looking lovelier all the time! Love your outfit combos! Think I will try your idea to get up and get dressed sooner, to see if I can get more done myself! :o) You know, I used to love my pregnancy days… and the maternity clothes. I felt that it’s the only time we can feel free to wear our ‘good clothes’ all we want and have no need to save them back for special occasions because they hardly get any wear on them in only a few months anyway. :o)

    For ‘whatever I want to tell you’… My mother is in the hospital and not well at all. Would so appreciate your prayers for her. Thanks, so much!!

    Love, Bettie


  2. Maternity gauchos were pretty awesome during my pregnancy last summer. They’re simple, comfortable, and versatile–you can dress them up or down. I highly recommend them as a trade for your jeans on hot days! :)


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