What I learned in June {a link-up}


Emily, from Chatting at the Sky, is hosting a link-up for the things we learned in June. And because link-ups are fun…here’s mine! :) we’d love to have you join us!

  1. After two years of marriage, I finally learned my husband is not a morning person o.O
  2. I miss lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons in the summer…until that 50 degree June morning when I’m driving by the shivering inhabitants of the public pool. Then I am so glad to be done! :)
  3. I am much more productive with a schedule, though I have yet to follow mine very well for more than a day or two at a time.
  4. There is a significant difference between raw and pasteurized milk. My poor child was the subject of this sad experiment. His insides and sleeping habits are much happier with raw milk.
  5. Foxes are not as scared of people as they should be (my husband had to chase one away from our grilling food!) and weekends away are wonderful.
  6. Dates outside of the routine are great! I loved getting the chance to go on a date on a thursday afternoon with my 9-6 and other hours all over the clock working husband. It was relaxing and fun.
  7. I am always able to more easily appreciate and love on my baby after a few hours away in good company. And he has tons of fun with his Aunties and NaNa.
  8. 20130627-232552.jpg

  9. A mop is a worthwhile expenditure :) my floors are much cleaner and my home is more peaceful now.
  10. Cars with air conditioning are great. Even if they are stick-shifts and you actually need to think to drive. Bonus: the elevated heart rate and sense of awareness are kind of like a caffeine hit.
  11. Always say yes to hand-me-down clothes for you or your kiddos. You never know what may come of it and you can always pass them on. I’m currently looking at 8ish bags of little girl and baby girl clothes (can’t wait to go through them soon!) and totally lucked out in the maternity clothes department a couple weeks ago.
  12. 15 month olds are perfectly capable of going on a short hike. You just need to bring snacks and water…and be prepared to let them ride your shoulders all the way home.
  13. 20130627-232229.jpg

    Bonus Material –

  14. Though exactly new knowledge: books are a big deal for me and I have bunches I feel like are worth sharing. The first batch in my new series were for recovering perfectionistas: Books for the Journey: Beating Back “Perfect” .

What did you learn in June?

8 thoughts on “What I learned in June {a link-up}

  1. I’m with you on lunch dates with the husband. Is that hour just so different because we’ve joined the multitude of adults who actually do that every day and is it really fun because he’s in professional mode so we get to enjoy that competent, professional skills side of him that maybe he leaves at the office each evening? In any case, I never pass up a Hubby lunch date.
    AND, love hiking with toddlers. They are enthralled, not to mentioned totally ready for a nap afterwards!


  2. This June (two days ago) I learned that when the medical professionals say you are down to the last hours with your beloved Mother, God has the final say, and she can come out of it and be much, much improved the next day! Praises be to our Heavenly Father! HE DOES answer prayer!!


  3. Totally hear you in the schedule. When I ditch our routine things fall apart. We are hoping to switch to raw milk, but st the minute it’s just too expensive and we’d need an extra freezer (we’d have to order in bulk as there are few farmers selling it here). Best we’ve got so far is organic, non homogized and lightly pasteurizes which is a good step up from normal supermarket milk. What differences have you noticed?


    1. Well, when we switched him to normal milk for just a couple of days he stopped sleeping so well (seemingly at all), he got a slight rash on his skin wherever the milk touched him, he got a diaper rash, and his diapers became much less normal. And he only gets about 4 oz of milk a day. It was pretty drastic.


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