It’s been real, folks. {embracing imperfection}

Recently…Ok, maybe forever.. I’ve edited my digital life to mostly only show the good and clean and maybe perfect. Yup. I’ve been kinda lying, or maybe just omitting truths, online.

So here I’m starting a new series of real life admissions. I haven’t quite decided how often to do it. I was considering once a week, but that might get depressing so maybe just once a month for now?

So sometime in the first week of each month I’ll share a moment I wouldn’t usually share online.

Something messy. Maybe just a picture of a room in its current state?

Something real.

Cuz my life is real too, peeps.

Here’s today and embracing the messy.


Currently the child is chugging pedialyte in his high chair and I am sitting on the couch, thirsty, but not sure what to drink since I’m sick too.

One of those days.

Luckily it seems to just be a short-lived bug. Ranger was sick yesterday and seems to be almost better today.

But it makes me wonder how this will work when there are two sick kids and a sick mommy.


I’m thinking I need to get better about not sharing all things edible with my child when he wants them.

Could be good for keeping fewer germs around.

I’m hoping for a speedy recovery and no more sickness for a while!

The end.


Something real from your day?

Care to share?

2 thoughts on “It’s been real, folks. {embracing imperfection}

  1. oh ice, poor baby, and poor poor you!! I swear the more kids you have though the more germ resistant you become:-) glad your life can be messy too, otherwise it could be hard to like you:-) kidding, best wishes on getting better!!


    1. Oh good idea! Ice is about all I felt like eating ( though being pregnant made me think I should try to eat something). And yes I’m hoping for more antibodies. Can’t imagine being sick with more littles around.


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