A Day in My Life – mildly sick kid edition.

I thought this might be fun to continue every couple of months…especially once the next little one comes :)

So here’s yesterday!

Before sane hours:
3:30AM – up with a nasty diaper (drat this illness!). Change dipe. Give water. Bounce to sleep. Attempt a set down. Fail. Baby asks for dad. Repeat sleeping attempt and drink offerings. Fail. Baby asks for dad again.
4:30 AM. Wake dad. Offer food per suggestion. Baby refuses. Hand over to father who eventually coaxes sleep.
5AM. Back to sleep finally.
6:15. Baby Up. Able to bounce him back down fairly easily..
so begins the day:
8:15AM. Child screaming bloody murder. Dirty nasty diaper. Change dipe. Give pedialyte. Change dipe. Try to talk him into being happy. No success. Diaper rash. Too painful. Poor baby. Change dipe yet again. Consider my options. Decide I’m anxious for a non-screaming/not-in-pain baby.
8:45 AM. Wake daddy to go to doctor. Baby stands where left after diaper change. Not moving.
9:00 AM. Make toast. Watch baby waddle a bit. He’s moving! Good. Poor thing.
9:15 AM. go to doctor. Doctor says he’ll probably be fine in a day or two, we’re doing all the right things, try this for his rash, try cutting his milk intake completely, give it air, seal it up, and keep on keeping on. We might be paranoid new parents. The doctor said he looked so good she didn’t know what to do. Ha.
10:15 AM. Go to theater hoping for a summer movie for Ranger. Doors locked. Dang. (Once home I found out we were at the wrong theater…sad day.)
10:45 AM. Babe asleep in car. home. bounce. transfer to crib. Success. nap begun. Dad to work.
highlight for tired brains:
11:00 AM. Blogs, email, facebook, second breakfast, chat with my momma, and what have you for momma’s recharge hours.
1:05 PM. Hear babe playing in crib, keep writing grocery list until summons are delivered.
afternoon: happiness reacquired!
1:15 PM. babe up! Put probiotics and pedialyte in sippy. Find diaper rash ointment, change diaper and outfit, am reminded why I like baby powder better, decide what to offer for lunch.
1:30 PM. turkey sandwich for mom, toast, cheese, crackers, and banana for baby (maybe something else too? I can’t remember.)
2:04 PM. smoothie-sicle for ranger’s second lunch. Raspberry leaf iced tea for the grocery trip for mom.
2:20 PM. Errand time. Return 6 library books ( no more books due til the 22nd now!), grocery shopping (Ranger was super sleepy by the end and I got some quinoa just for fun), pick up antifungal cream at rite-aid (took forever!).
4:10 PM. Home. Groceries inside away, made ranger a coconut banana shake per mom’s suggestion. He loved it. And so far (9:30PM) his stinky diapers are halted.
4:40 PM. Done with groceries. Facebook.
mid-day drag
5:00 PM. Diaper. Dinner…what to make. chicken penne.
5:20 PM. realize starvation is immanent. Eat cheese stick and nectarine. Decide to make something easier. Start rice cooker.
5:40 PM. Make dinner: hot dog stir fry. Yum.

(What is down there?)

6:00 PM. Dinner! Ranger has rice with butter and honey, applesauce and a couple bites of hot dog. (Normally I would just give him the same thing I had, but today we went for tummy-soothing options). I read and eat. Ranger eats, then tromps.

(Oh! Lost some food!)

6:30 PM. Soo tired. Read, Ranger chases bouncy balls around the house.
6:50 PM. Attention required. Walk to get the mail and then tromp outside for a few minutes while mommy looks at ads.
7:10 PM. Inside…wander
7:15 PM. Second dinner for Ranger. Leftover first dinner plus applesauce more yogurt and bread with peanut butter.
7:20 PM. Daddy home! Yay!
(insert energy burst for all here!)
7:25 PM. Outside play for Ranger. Naked. Yup. Diaper rash recovery mode has been activated. Though it turns out slides work best with clothes on… But sword fighting with daddy is just fine.
7:55 PM. In and a bath.
8:10 PM. A little more nudity.
8:15 PM. Dress. Diaper. Apply butt sealer.
8:20 PM. Bottle (1/4 teaspoon probiotics, 8oz pedialyte -normally water, 1-2oz raw milk) and cuddles on the couch til asleep.
8:30 PM. Transfer to crib. Asleep. The mommy shift is over. More or less.
(Add a waking or two here. Or none if you chase dandelion fluff for a living. Four or more if your glass is half-empty.)

And that was that. More or less detailed. :)

{edited to note: Ranger seems completely better today and I slept the whole night. Ranger maybe only woke up once though since Israel got up with him I’m not entirely sure}
How was your day yesterday? Any celebrations planned for today?

Happy 4th of July! :)

6 thoughts on “A Day in My Life – mildly sick kid edition.

  1. What a day! Glad Ranger is feeling better! I think our only celebration for the day will be if the older child actually manages to sleep tonight with all the noise that tends to happen in our neighborhood today. :)
    I keep meaning to do one of these, but losing track along the way what all I did and when. Maybe in a couple weeks I’ll try it again. :)


  2. Sometimes trip to Dr. is as much for Mom as babe especially when sleep deprived. Glad everyone is better.


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