This time around.


(Last week at 30 weeks!)

Pregnancy this time around has been a bit different.

During the first trimester I was a little more nauseous (but still hardly nauseous at all compared to some people). I think it had more to do with being less able to control how much rest I got because of the small sleepless wonder we housed and cared for…ha. Last time I could sleep whenever I wasn’t working. This time it was interrupted nights and maybe naps if I was lucky.

But really all in all. Easy.

Plus I already knew what to do to help myself not be sick. Eat or hydrate or sleep. Simple.

Second trimester I noticed an entirely different set of cravings from the last time. Last time my little man made me wish for steak and eggs and solid protein. This child has me wishing for muffins, mainly. Though milkshakes and sugar are right up there.

This difference and my own suspicions (maybe it’s just wishful thinking?) make me willing to say this baby is a girl. Most of the time. The rest of the time i’m entertaining a niggling notion it’s actually a boy and calling it a girl the whole pregnancy might be mortifying for him.

But alas. Such is life.

We opted for just one ultrasound and it was too soon to tell 100% but probably probably a girl.

We shall see. :)

This third trimester has been fun thus far. I still have between 7 and 11 weeks left of it (due dates are more like due months when you choose the non-hospital route), but I feel like I’m finally getting used to be pregnant (i.e. not resenting it most of the time).

I’m a lot happier this time around. I blame it on still being able to run, not being constantly surrounded by college students, and almost completely able to set my own schedule with its various requirements. It’s nice.
I am so thankful I am still able to run. I think that is the main difference. It has helped me keep a much more positive body image (not feel like a whale). I feel good about myself, am still working towards my half-marathon goal (next year, peeps. just breathe) and enjoy being able to stay as active as necessary for whatever activities required of me.

Of course I am impatient to meet this little one, but all is well for now. :)

Your space.

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