Might regret the zucchini and other random happenings.

  • We got a dryer! I was without a dryer the first year and a half of our marriage. It worked. I hung clothes to dry. And for two and a baby with a huge wardrobe it was not a huge deal. We finally got one last october. it was a happy day. :) but then in march we moved and our gas dryer would not work in our new electric dryer house. it was sad. but…we made do for a few months and we finally have a dryer again!
    It is fantastic. :) I have much more time for other cleaning projects now. And I don’t have to carry wet baskets of laundry or hang up every single item of clothing. It’s a beautiful thing. I think my husband must love me.
  • My garden is also beautiful! I added a few more tomato plants (for a total of four) and two pepper plants. We also have beans, peas, cabbage, zucchini, armenian cucumbers, sunflowers, and mini pumpkins in the garden space. In different beds around the yard I am attempting (with a rather late start…) more mini pumpkin, daisies, mini bell peppers, potatoes (from some in my pantry that spouted), and a few more sunflowers.
    I had fun planting things (ranger even helped me with the potatoes!). We’ll see how it all comes out.

    I will probably regret a few of those zucchini seeds.

  • 20130712-153711.jpg



  • There was a sad situation recently when my mommy instincts had to choose between my child’s had and the iPad. The child’s head was saved a bruise, but my iPad screen is sadly cracked. I am sad, but we will get it fixed soon..for the price of a leg or two I suppose.
  • My sister (and her punctuality) came forth with her adorable second the day before her due date. Lucky duck. She is absolutely beautiful and you should absolutely go see her picture and blog stalk for more updates. Wilona Felicity was born on June 30th weighing 6lbs 6oz and measuring 19 3/4 inches.

    Needless to say I’m becoming a tiny bit impatient for my own little adorableness to arrive. :)

  • I am composing a nesting list since I have a tiny problem with lists and would like to have things in order for this kiddo.
  • I am considering enforcing a No iPad Day from 10-6 one day week (maybe two) to encourage more productivity and having more of the house clean all at once.
  • My backyard is pretty backyard. We may have more chairs outside than in at this point in our home-ownership, but that’s alright :)
  • 20130712-153649.jpg


  • I have a race tomorrow! :) I will run/walk it of course, but I’m excited anyway :) i have to attempt the whole “race for fun” mentality a bit so I don’t risk overexerting. We’ll see how I do.
  • this child has such a happy morning/after-nap face most days. It is a fun thing to go and pick him up after he has announced he is done with his after-sleep-playing-in-the-crib routine.
  • 20130712-153628.jpg



How is your friday?
Randomness to share?

P.S I am hoping to reply to all the comments soon! I am inexcusably behind! So sorry!

4 thoughts on “Might regret the zucchini and other random happenings.

  1. How fun. Lots happening in your world. Congrats on he dryer. Your outdoor space is great.Professional looking garden.Darling Ranger.Enjoy the race.


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