So much to say, so little coherence.

  • I no longer actually tear and fold and neatly soak my homemade wipes. I’ve found his skin does better when I skip the soap so I just soak and squeeze out half a roll of paper towels and then tear them off thr tube and stuff them in the wipes box. It looks messier but it is a timesaver all around. Plus because the wipes are not neatly stacked it is super easy to just pull one out of the box. Feels likea win to me. :)
  • I already started my 31 days series for this year. I was inspired and the subject matter is motivating. And having a baby the month before just doesn’t bode well for my blogging. So i’m working ahead, learning much, making changes, and having fun doing it.
  • I have the cutest little boy in history. Biased? Possibly.
  • I froze 6 pizza crusts this week in hopes of easing future cooking tasks.
  • I should probably freeze more food.
  • I’m only 7 books behind on my goal to read 100 books this year and only 30-40 miles behind on my goal to run/walk 365 miles this year. It will be a challenge to finish them both, but I think I can.
  • Ranger and I are learning a better way for our days. I can’t wait to tell you about it in October. And I can’t wait to get into it a little more so we can keep having better days.
  • I no longer use cloth diapers. I should start again when our little one comes. Diapers are so expensive. And diapers for two? Oh joy. When did your kids potty train??
  • I’m starting a new crochet project. I’ll tell you about it sometime. It will be out of yarn I’ve collected over the years and never used. It will be pretty.
  • The nesting bug has kicked in and my list keeps getting longer and (miraculously) shorter at the same time. Love the productivity.
  • Our extra room took the biggest hit of energy this week. The floor is 95% visible instead of 5% imaginable. Now to organize, put the desk in and then put the drawers in the desk. It should be a fun little library type room for at least a year.


2 thoughts on “So much to say, so little coherence.

  1. We use cloth wipes and I just spray them with plain old water. Our poor daughter will never know the luxury of aloe infused disposable wipes :P

    Looking forward to your 31 Days’ series. I have started mine as well…just taking pics and outlining at this point. I am worried about getting it done with just one kid and here you are busting it out with two! Totally inspired.


    1. Hehe, well. That is my motivation so I don’t have to bust it ut with two in my lap. And a little semi-vacation from blogging at about that point would probably be nice. :) i can’t wait to see what you come up with this year! I appreciated last years topic.

      Whenever we use regular wipes on Ranger he gets a slight rash pretty quickly. Somehow those aloe infused wonders just don’t treat him as well as they might claim :)

      But the cloth wipes way is even a little more hardcore than I’m willing to go. Way to be :) ha. Though maybe if we still cloth-diapered it be easier. :) what kind of diapers do you use?


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