What I learned in July {a link-up}

  1. It is permissible to buy clothes that fit you. I was hemming and hawing over a couple sleeveless tees from my wonderful box of hand-me-down maternity clothes trying to think of ways I could make them work. Then I realized: the colors were boring (black and white), the fit was bad, and really the only reason I liked them was because they were sleeveless. So I splurged (well, went to oldnavy.com and used a 20% off coupon, my version of splurging is to spend money at all) and got two new cute tops I actually liked. And? They don’t have sleeves. Voila. Genius.
  2. It’s my job to gather what we need and bring it into the house (even though that most often means spending money). If I didn’t we’d be ill-clothed and uncomfortable in our own house. Even though my husband makes all the money, my contribution to our well-being is just as important.
  3. Thrift-store chairs with removable washable covers have awesome potential! Especially when only $20. I’m trying to decide whether to bleach it or not. It looks great in pictures, but real life makes it a little dull. :)
  4. 20130731-145100.jpg
    Before the wash.

    And after. With a little cat fur. Or a cat. I need to adjust the cover a bit and maybe iron the skirt.

  5. Nesting energy is good for accomplishing much and, for me, it kicks in around 32 weeks.
  6. Peas should be planted earlier in the spring otherwise they won’t ever bloom (or produce) because of the heat.
  7. Potatoes can be planted as late as you wish. At least according to my 4 inch plants. maybe that’s just because I live in the potato state…Though who knows if I’ll actually get a harvest.
  8. Apparently everyone thinks it’s appropriate to give parenting advice to the royal family. Huh.
  9. Running has made a big difference in my attitude and mood this pregnancy. And it is possible to run faster at a later point in pregnancy without even trying.
  10. My husband is the kind of introvert that will sit with his back to the whole crowd. I am the type that will sit on the outer rim facing the crowd so as to be able to observe as much as possible. Evidence was acquired at a large fourth of july event where we knew limited numbers of people. I find that very interesting. And what does it mean?
  11. My kiddo will apparently sleep on the floor after he falls off his mattress. A floor mattress is the way to go when graduating your baby to a big boy bed. This is when the baby-cam becomes more useful.
  12. Forgetting to relax your arm until the middle when getting your blood pressure will give you wacky numbers. 110/40 anyone?
  13. it is possible to get to an iPhone’s camera without unlocking the phone. Who showed me? My 17 month old.
  14. My introversion is bleeding through to my social media…I need smaller closer circles. Facebook took a cut this time.
  15. I like bright beautiful colors and crocheting baby blankets.

{I’m linking up with Emily, from Chatting at the Sky, again this month if you’d like to join or see other people’s random realizations.}
What did you learn this month?
Are you an introvert? If so, do you prefer to face the large group or keep your back to them when put in large gathering social situations?

16 thoughts on “What I learned in July {a link-up}

  1. Good for you getting yourself some new clothes! Why are we mommas so resistant to doing nice things for ourselves? We started with a mattress on the floor for both our kids also. My daughter just turned four and I’m debating if it might be time to get her a bed frame yet. She often sleeps on the floor instead of her mattress so maybe it’s a wasted effort. lol


  2. At the party, you and your son were your hubby’s #1 attention. :) It was a delight to witness. Love the chair. Good foundational purchase. Thrifting is a favorite for most in our fam. In July I learned I underestimate the pure will to complete a task I possess given a bucket of bleach water and a filthy camp kitchen. Why does that not always surface in my home? Hmmmm. ~Aunt Chris


    1. :) love your july lesson! It’s so true!

      And thanks for noticing where Israel’s attention was. It’s good for me to be reminded how focused he is on us and how lucky we are for that :)


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