Story {Five Minute Friday}

I must read a million a day.

Some twice. Some three times.

Some with my lap fill of happy cuddles and some with the cuddles wiggling alongside the couch, the counter, or the chair. Wherever we happen to be.

He loves stories, this little one of mine.

Who could blame him?

Bright colors? Fun sounds? New words?

What he loves most about these stories though is the attention he gets from his mama.
The smiles.
The cuddles.
The rituals with each book.
He savors them and then recites them for connection with the ones he loves.

I am blessed to have one so small who basks in my attention. It is an honor. It is a weight.

Responsibility like that is hard to bear.

But the One who wrote my story before I was even born has filled my life with grace.

He takes the little I have to give and multiplies it like bread and fish without end.





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10 thoughts on “Story {Five Minute Friday}

  1. It’s amazing how He can use us and our stories…such a blessing and such a responsibility. Love this…and that picture. So precious. :) Blessings and happy Friday!


  2. I wrote about a sweet bedtime story as well. It was fresh in my mind because I wanted to write this prompt. There is nothing better when you actually get down to it. Great post!

    Have a blessed Friday!


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