The Bump of July {summer maternity series}

This will be the bump of july-ish. Since I only got about a thrid of the outfits. Ah well :) interesting anyway.

These are weeks 30-34. It’s getting closer!

I had fun with this blue dress. It was so cute I had to find a way I felt comfortable wearing it. I added my white tee underneath (so glad I purchased that awhile back. It is useful and
I would recommend you have one in your maternity wardrobe). I could have worn it without, but
I feel most comfortable with a little more than thin straps and low neck.
Since this dress was on the short side, really light and flowy, and I have to be able to bend over to pick up Ranger or his toys/shoes/food at any given moment, I also added a more fitted black skirt underneath. Can you see it’s bottom edge? It actually went along with the whole quite well.

And of course, the bump. I am really happy with how bright and fun this dress is.

Here is an easy gray shirt and jeans shorts day. I think this shirt is just a regular shirt in a larger size (as opposed to a maternity shirt). I go back and forth between liking the ruffles and not liking the ruffles. Ha :)

This was a bit of a vanity shot… My legs have muscle! :) last time I was fairly unhappy with my legs by the end of my pregnancy. This time I’m good. :) hopefully it will be much less work to get back afterwards. I can’t wait!
My adorable little running buddy… Love him.

This is the black skirt I had under that blue dress.
For some reason my camera was having trouble focusing these next few outfits… You can imagine in some details, right?

Not the fourth of july, but yes I wore red, silver and blue dollar store beads as jewelry. Is there anything wrong with that? I have all sorts of colors for some reason. I just continue and make it a trend.

These last two tops are thanks to old navy and a random realization that I can buy clothes (have I told I have a problem spending money?? I have to remind myself it’s legal.) I was trying to figure out how to make someone’s ill-fitting hand-me-down tank top work for me when I realized I could get one or two I liked better and have them actually fit.
So I used a 20% off code and got two brand new tanks to show off my mommy muscle and to bring more bright colors into my life. :)

Still using my purple skinnies to brighten up the grays in my wardrobe.

Race day!

I inadvertently coordinated my pregnancy running outfit.. Can you say purple? Apparently I like it.

The bump in stripes. And pink! It is fun borrowing people’s clothes and ending up with colors you don’t normally wear :)

And a comfy skirt.

And then the baby begged and really needed a ride in his howdah.

So we attempted it for a few minutes in the house.

Pretty hilarious :)

4 thoughts on “The Bump of July {summer maternity series}

  1. You look great! Way to go for continuing to run during pregnancy! For some reason all I can muster is power walking, strength training, and yoga/pilates. The speed/impact of running is uncomfortable when I’m preggo, so I am incredibly impressed when others manage to keep it up! Your old navy tanks and “mommy muscle” are super cute!


    1. Oh thanks!! I’ve been so happy to be able to keep going (though now it’s a run/walk. Lol). I think it is impressivr you do strength training! It kills me, every time and no way would I try it while pregnant. :) to each his own? I just popped in at your blog as well! Your baby bump is adorable! :) love the picture of you and your hubs!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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