Monday Mayhem {another senseless list of randomness}

It’s not too often you can just sit down and say “I had a really good day”.

Today was one of those good days. So nice.

I think having a nice day yesterday with my wonderful husband helped. He didn’t work at all and it was lovely! I didn’t want to go to bed because today would be monday.

But it turned out.

Ranger and I went to the library and picked up some books. I love the library.

We then went to the store for a few more items in preparation for this little one coming in a few (5ish) weeks. We are planning a home-birth so we have a whole list of supplies to gather sometime before 37 weeks.

We got newborn diapers. So crazy.

After the store we went home and had nap-time. I did random things — mainly ate food and watched Call the Midwives (a show I will undoubtedly not want to watch for at least a year after this baby comes…so I’m watching it now) while half-heartedly thinking about what I needed to do today in the house and for my blog. Ha. Nap-time is for resting, sillies.

Then we petered through the day with outside time, lunch and stories until 4ish when I decided it was time to kick things into gear with a shower. For some reason I focus and am more motivated to get things done when I’m freshly cleaned and have wet hair. Somewhat strange. I know.

I managed to vacuum, spot-mop, wash and put away laundry, read, make dinner and successfully entertain my child the entire time. Admittedly, Curious George on Netflix took some of the responsibility off while I mopped and made dinner and then the daddy used up all the child’s energy while I put away laundry, but Ranger did get to have a nice time playing in his swimming pool while I read and with playdough while I did some laundry.

We had fun. He was happy. It was nice.

And then he went straight to sleep and hre I am blogging next to my husband (who is workworkworking, as usual) on the bed.

I thinking making some rice crispy treats may be next on the agenda. Sugar, anyone? :)

It is nice to be productive.

I’ve been feeling much more successful in my ability to take care of Ranger well and pay enough attention to him during the day. Turns out it makes both of us happier when I am more careful with my attention.

I’ve also finally begun to get the hang of taking care of our bigger house and I feel like things are much more under control now. It is good for everyone. I think getting a dryer has helped a lot. Suddenly I have time! I can see why people lived together with even their more extended family members before all of these modern conveniences were invented. Having more sets of hands around to share the workload would just make sense.


A few more random bits from the last week or so just to end this monday even better:

  • Ranger has a big boy bed. It’s just a twin mattress on the floor right now, but I think it does help him sleep better. He flops around a lot. He rolled off once or twice the first couple nights, but he has been getting the hang of it and now stays on it all night.

    I think he enjoys that he can get out of bed and bang on the door to let us know he is awake.

    That was surprising the first time.

  • I’m finding myself wishing to have this baby early so I can get back to running (and racing!) normally sooner! Ha. 6 more weeks! My fast runner husband just started talking about signing up for an ultra soon and now I’m itching to get my half-marathon training going again! Can’t wait!
    We are a weird bunch apparently.
  • I’m listing again. Thinking in lists fashion goes in spells. But I’m definitely there. I have lists for everythiing at the moment: writing, cleaning, preparing, playing, learning. Yup.
  • Ranger got an “I love my NaNa” shirt. He really just wanted to walk on the counter in this pic though….


  • My camera keeps getting hijacked for wedding photography back-up gear. Technically that is why we have it… :) So my coverage of my ever-so-interesting maternity outfits has been even more sporadic.
  • My gardenia plant has been ousted to the front porch due to an excessively moldy drip tray…it is doing better there than it was in the house in that it is still mostly alive. Surprisingly. It has lasted two and a half years so far in this desert place. I’m not entirely hopeful that it will continue.
  • 20130805-204213.jpg
    We have harvested 3-4 tomatoes, one pepper, three beans, and 1 1/2 (I might need a scare crow) peas from our garden so far.

  • At this point in life I am always randomly looking to get rid of stuff. I know my mind does better when there is less plain clutter and there are fewer unused items sitting around. So I’m always happy to find a few more things that I no longer use to cut down on my mental and physical clutter


What about you? Random things from your monday? How does having too much stuff effect your mind?

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