Owls, Elephants and Dinosaurs: a project’s life

I always have this loong list of projects I want to do, but this last month or so I’ve actually been making headway. Pretty fun. :)

I took a trip to Joann’s with a few projects in mind and had a particularly succesful trip.
I found this cute owl this cute owl fabric and some muslin on the remnants rack.


Along with a few other adorable options potentially for clothing my children :)


I love the remnants rack because you don’t neccessarily have to know what you’re making or the amount of fabric you’ll need and the prices are a lot better than buying fabric by the yard. I usually don’t have too much trouble finding about a yard of each fabric which usually is enough for any of my little amateur projects.


These organizer trays looked useful for my out-of-control kitchen and bathroom catch-all drawers.


So far I have made two pairs of pajama pants for Ranger. I just traced a pair of his other jammies that I liked the fit on so my process is less of a science. But I know the next couple pairs will have a higher rise to cover is diaper a little more thoroughly. :) I wanted to attempt matching shirts tooo…but alas so far the process escapes me. I may have to use a pattern. *gasp*

So these pillows…


The pillow on the left is my husband’s pillow that my mom and I gave him ages ago before we were married and I had stolen for assistance in amending my uncomfortable pregnant sleep…

But I figured he might want it back. And he did. So the owls, some muslin and cotton stuffing became my body pillow.

I made mine a bit skinnier and poofier so it supports me well now at 36 weeks and I’m hoping it will serve for supporting my back when I’m nursing this little one in bed at night. We shall see :)


There were enough owls left over for a little pillow for ranger. He pretends to go night-night on it sometimes. Usually ends up with a little under his head and the rest under his whole body. Pretty cute. :)

My drawers became organized. (Imagine all that stuff randomly thrown in the drawer along with about 50 other things and you’ll have the before image)

Same here :)

Our garden is becoming more and more productive :) we have lots of beans and quite a few tomatoes. No doubt we will soon be overrun with cucumbers and zucchini. I’m probably going to end up making a lot of these recipes and canning some pickles and relish (providing life with two kiddos ends up letting me)!

Love me some zucchini bread. Nomnomnom. :)

Can’t wait!


I finally hemmed the bottom edge of my front curtains. They keep the random door-to-door people from seeing straight inside our house when I may or may not still be in my jammies.

Not quite sure why I exposed it that way…but you can see they are semi-sheer (though you can see through them less from outside as it is darker inside than out generally).

My dad fixed my rocking chair! I sent him a text thanking him for it and he said, “If it’s made of wood, I can usually fix it.” Such a useful thing to be able to say… :) and handy for the rest of us… :)

This stack of a project awaits me still.

They are maternity clothes I am hoping to modify to work a bit better for me. Some pants that need adjusted, a skirt that needs some fun added, and quite a few tops that will be perfect with just a change or two each. Maybe someday I’ll be that person that hacks all their clothes to make them work better and be more stylish. Right now I have the ideas, but the skills are not quite up to par yet. It’ll be fun to practice on this batch since (ta-da!) thy were free! :)

Hopefully I can change them up soon so I can wear them before I’m done :) we shall see.

Also on my list is a measuring board like this one. and I’m crocheting a blanket for myself to join the ones I have crocheted for Israel, Ranger, and the littlest. I’m trying out some granny squares. I probably won’t get too far before life interrupts, but sometimes I just need something to do that doesn’t take my brain or even too much energy :)

Oh and the title. Did you find the owls, elephants and dinosaurs in the post? It makes as little sense as that :)

Do you sew? Do you use patterns or just go by the fly mostly? Have you modified their clothes before?

How does your garden grow?

11 thoughts on “Owls, Elephants and Dinosaurs: a project’s life

  1. Ha! I was just out this morning picking green beans and two giant zucchini. Then I googled new zucchini bread recipes. I also have that owl print on a green background in flannel. I found your title animals, plus a lion and a photobombing husband. :D And now you’ve made me want to get my sewing room cleaned up so I can craft!


      1. Mine is actually a flannel that I got at the Black Friday sale before Ascher was born. It was intended for a baby blanket, but I never got to hemming it, so maybe I’ll follow your lead and make Ascher some new jammies out of it. :)


  2. My garden is growing really well too (mostly). I am getting quite a few tomatoes. I am having some trouble with my vines though. No squash are surviving and my peppers are REALLY SLOW growing!

    And you are an amazing seamstress! I am hoping someday to get a machine and start teaching myself, but not in the budget right now :-/


    1. Gardens are so fun! My family has a garden every year so I’ve had lots of practice weeding and planting, but this is my first time with a garden of my own. Still trying to figure out how to water it so my tomatoes aren’t constantly drooping.

      I don’t have any zucchini big enough to pick yet. Just a ton of buds. And my peas keep getting nipped off by something…birds maybe?

      Have you been gardening long?

      Oh thanks..haha :) i would beg to differ, i hack most everything. And my machine is tiny. A christmas present from my mom, but it does the job most of the time. For my random little projects :)


  3. I have just begun to enjoy modifying clothing – so stuff works better for our daughter. Now I’m starting in on my own clothes! It’s fun, but I’m pretty sure I will mess some up. I shop at thrift stores so my biggest loss will probably be not being able to wear a shirt I really liked. I do NOT like following patterns. :) They confuse me terribly!


    1. Yay! Good luck with that! I would love to see what you come up with. There are some people who are amazing at modifying clothes who blog, but I would really like to see how normal people start.


    1. Haha yes! I knew he was doing something (he always does!) so you can kinda see that in the second picture tried to cut him out a bit….but, Mr. Protographer that he is, he knew exactly how to stay in it. He’s awesome. Lol.

      I never thought to look for the whole zoo! Nice work! I was just trying to thing of a more interesting title than “recent and future projects” ha :)
      Thanks for joining the fun! :)


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