between fingers and under nails

The day came: I made playdough! It was pretty fun. Just flour, salt, water, baking soda and food coloring cooked on the stove.

Ranger helped me to stir the ingredients before we heated them and decided to taste it…apparently it tastes horrible though it is harmless. He gagged and had to have some water to get rid of the taste!
He thought adding the food coloring was fun :)

And playing with it has been a hit.

Though I would suggest not storing it above thr stove or anywhere else warm… Ours had some condensation in the container and got really sticky later. More fun, yes. But messy! :)

I thought it was so cute how it got stuck under all his little nails..

Israel came home from running and decided that Ranger needed to be introduced to peanut butter playdough as well because that was his absolute favorite when he was little.

Ranger approved. It was lots more fun to smash between his fingers.

And lots tastier.

Water was necessary in the end :)
I’m trying to find more things for Ranger to do that are fun and different from his usual activities of books, toys and dirt. :)

Does anyone else have some fun ideas of things I can get out and he can play with in a creative way? (So far crayons don’t work for us. He can’t not bite the ends off. Lol. We’re working on it. But right now crayons/markers = strife.) maybe we’ll try some finger paints at some point. :)

12 thoughts on “between fingers and under nails

  1. We are big fans of stickers over here. I usually pick up a book of stickers for $1 at the store for C to put all over her stuff. It’s fun! I need to make some Play Dough for her too ;D


  2. My mom let us finger paint with pudding! Fun, very messy, and tastes great! :) it was an outside thing with big sheets of paper and a hose down at the end :)


    1. Oh he loves water! And I’m thinking we’ll get him a sandbox sometime this fall when it’s too cold to be soaking wet all the time :) we’ll have to try sidewalk chalk again too! Last time he just sucked on it. :p kinda gross, but very colorful. Lol :)


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